A Valentine Prank

I have to admit that I had very low expectations for yesterday. In fact, it was just another day. In the spirit of that special day put aside for couples that Hallmark created to boost card, candy, and flower sales, I wore black and white.  

My dad had surprised me with a delightful treat from See’s, Black Forest Truffles, limited edition.  So, I thought my day was done.

6 Pieces of Deliciousness!

However, right after lunch, I received a frantic email form a colleague, Strawberry Smoothie,  asking if I had received a Federal Express package that he had sent me.  I hadn’t and didn’t think much about it, but he was quite annoyed.  

A few moments later, I looked at my neighbor’s desk and his shipment was there.  I took it from her, pausing for a moment, wondering where I should open it.  For some reason, my keen sense of direction brought me to my desk.  

I ripped open the envelope and felt a whoosh of air with substance  as I screamed.  Little stars and balloons made of glitter confetti sprayed out of the envelope and floated into the air!  The colorful confetti was all over my white sweater and black pants and it was awesome!

My Usually Boring Desktop Mocks Me!

Laughing, I turned over my keyboard and tapped it as confetti spilled out of  it!  All of the papers in the envelope had glitter suction cupped to it and I had to remove every spec from each paper. Annoying for some, perhaps, but I thought it was hysterical.

As I picked up the various graffiti, I dropped it onto my desk calendar…what better home could it have? 

How To Cheer Up A Desk Calendar With a Valentine Prank!

I later found out that SS had called his boss from the party supply store, irked that he (shockingly) couldn’t find heart glitter confetti, a day before Valentine’s Day! Thus, a bunch of happy birthday greetings danced onto my desk, as well.

How wonderful to have glitter confetti jump out at me!   A wonderful distraction to what could have been a pretty depressing day.  Silly surprises like this one are really needed in life.  People who exert effort to be thoughtful are delightful assets, no? I salute this witty wisecracker for pulling off a very impressive Valentine prank!  A prank, no doubt, that my brother and all clever lads  respect!


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  1. These are the things that make work fun!

  2. Yes, they are and the witty wisecracker had a sequel this year!

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