My Homage to My Blog Mentor: The Good Greatsby

Facebook family and blog readers, thank you for helping me achieve my goal of blasting past 4,000 clicks yesterday!  My Facebook family put me over the top when I implored upon them late yesterday afternoon and I am thrilled.  I hope they READ some of the posts, too, but the fact that I know they clicked to help me out really impresses me. My blog followers and subscribers keep me going. 

I have placed a reach goal of 5,000 reads by my 1 year anniversary on March 19.  I’ve considered putting my blog mantra on the elevated trains in Chicago to increase traffic flow, but I don’t have that kind of marketing budget. I’m going to have to make a plethora of magic words with my fingers as they tickle the keyboard to make that happen, but believe and you will achieve!  

It’s not really the number of clicks that fascinate me. It’s the ability to reach people and make them laugh or think a bit.  

I was floored when I realized one of my favorite bloggers had me on her blog roll a couple of days ago. I wrote her to thank her and she commented  that she had it on there awhile because she likes my blog. That was so cool!  Thank you to Kate of Views and Mews by Coffee Kat. She is a really fun read and has taught me a great deal since our paths crossed in the blogging community last fall.

I don’t get to blog (well, I have four now) full-time so my ability get traffic is a challenge.  It wasn’t until I introduced my cute niece and nephew last fall that the respected blogging community started paying attention to this blog. That, and writing about my former downstairs neighbor who used to take a broom and smack the ceiling to get the people BELOW her to shut up. I never understood that. 

My blog mentor, The Good Greatsby, has over 204, 000 hits and his 1 year anniversary is next Wednesday.  I have been following him since I figured out how to follow blogs, that took me awhile.  He was making clever comments on another person’s blog so I was sent to his blog and he has kept my attention ever since.  Many people revere him and that is because we have good taste and all need a good chortle.

Each morning usually begins with GG (that is what many of us call him) making my phone blink because a post of his has been published! I know it’s good for a laugh or five. It’s rare that I don’t read the post right away. In fact, I usually read it again because it’s hard to catch everything the first time. He puts much wit into those posts so it’s easy to miss things.  

Being amusing is his full-time job so he has the time to make us scoff frequently.  In addition, his creations are all “made in China”.  He has the routine down.  Living in China and writing jocular posts, that is. He uses social media a little, but he really doesn’t keep up with it much. Not that I am slamming my blog mentor, mind you. But he has so much action on that page that I don’t know how he would have time to keep up with Facebook and the Tweets.  

GG recently earned a steady gig on the Huffington Post and consistently writes ridiculously funny posts on his blog every day. If he travels, he gets those posts written.  Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to “like” my posts every now and then and responds to my comments on his blog and even comments on mine from time to time. You can see why he is my blog mentor. 

Now, I know, I have many facetious men in my life who claim they are just as deserving of a write-up such as this one.  But, in honor of GG’s 1 year anniversary next Wednesday, I have to pay the man some props.  I won’t be surprised if he surpasses 205,000 hits by his anniversary…and I’ll be just a shy 200,000 behind him…. I salute you, GG, and thank you for providing the gift of guffawing. 

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I can’t seem to resist clicking on any post with my name in the title.

    I wish I could keep up with Twitter and Facebook, but I’m still not entirely sure how they work. People send me messages on Twitter and Facebook and I don’t see them for two months and it makes me feel like a jerk.

  2. What a nice tribute to your mentor! I will definitely check him out. Huffington Post. Wow! That’s better than being freshly pressed. I love your posts about your family experiences too. There are a lot of good ones that make me laugh or take me back.

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