That Time I Stumped the President

You can imagine my delight when my brother  joined a fraternity, while I was still in high school. After the composite  of the 73 men was made, I promptly surveyed the situation.

Time passed and I  found myself watching one of the brothers play in a tennis tournament in my hometown.  I grew up playing at this facility and was groomed to turn pro. That was really “in” back then.  I did play on the freshman team which was like going to the olympics because it was so competitive. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a brother play collegiate tennis.

As I sat in the stands, I could easily identify all of the brethren that were present.  I turned around and introduced myself to the president….of the fraternity.  I told him where he and his neighbors were located on the composite. The president guffawed as if to say, “Sure, kid.” 

A few days later, my brother called and said that the prez was impressed because I was right. At the point, the brothers in that house took me in as their little sister. I went to the house for dinner or special events.  They were always kind and playful so I was very spoiled when it was time for me to take off for college. They looked out for me. 

My first semester at college was a tough one.  Fortunately, for me, my cheering section showed up in a trio of  those big envelopes that included handwritten notes from many of the brothers back home!  “Good luck at school!” “Let’s have lunch during fall break!” “Go get ’em!” 

It was awesome! Yes, I was giddy and full of gratitude. I was the envy of the entire floor. I wrote parodies and poems for them from afar. When I called my brother, if he wasn’t around, one of the brothers would step in for a conversation. Some of the boys became my pen pals, even after they graduated.  I was honored as an official “daughter” of the house – the only one that didn’t go that school.

To this day, I keep up with many of my 73 dads via Facebook or email. Just a couple of days ago, one of the brothers put together a virtual photo albums from one of our years together and included me in it!  Those are great memories that included some very special people.


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  1. 73 dads? You sound like Bizarro Osama Bin Laden.

    It’s always good to keep in touch. – generic happy statement

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