Driving Karma

I have to admit I am really impressed by truck drivers. They have to drive that big rig and not hit us little people driving smaller vehicles.

I was picking up some sinus medicine and a truck driver was trying to back into a stall in a corporate business park. I pulled to the right and stayed back as to not apply pressure.

Understand, I applaud my fellow drivers who parallel park with ease. I don’t like being crowded as I attempt to fit my car in a spot that can fit three. So I really appreciate the skill this truck driver has to get this truck in that space. I am amazed when they are  just taking turns going forward!

This impatient driver behind me barrels past me but first stops and glares at me as if to say, “You silly polite person who is slowing me down, what is WRONG with you?”  Silly me, being considerate.   This is the same person who blasts past people, only to hit a series of stop lights.

Karma bit him as the truck driver panicked and had to take more time to get in the space. What was his point?

Do you think he may get a little stressed out the next time he needs some space to park or gets lost going somewhere? Impatient one finally squeezed by the poor truck driver but do you think he reached  his destination any faster?

I bet my day will be a little less stressful, too!


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