Watch The Credits

TV shows and movies were an important part of my childhood.  My parents ALWAYS let me stay up for the Oscars.  They  made sure I did my research by taking me to as many of the movies as possible. Back in the day of the movie, Fame, I was enthralled with the performances for Best Song. Now, not so much. I have to admit I am very excited to see Billy Crystal host again!

The movie watching routine with my family went something like this:  I was ready to bolt for the nearest exit after the last word was spoken.  My parents, however,  remained in their seats, riveted, watching the credits. 

As I got older, I started to appreciate the importance of the credits. These people worked hard on this project and this was their moment in the spotlight.

I wonder how many people actually do look at the credits for a TV show or movie.  

Early on, when my brother was trying to break into the TV writing business,  I would have my bowl of popcorn on my lap, bracing myself to see his name pop up after one of his first shows. I was so impressed that you could get someone coffee and your name would appear on TV! Granted, if you blinked, you’d miss it but it was pretty cool! As soon as the name flashed, the phone would ring and it would be one of my parents.  In unison, we would ask each other, “Did you see it?!”

As the years rolled by, the font size in his name increased, along with his responsibilities and his name has moved from the end of the show to the beginning.  

Tomorrow night, his latest effort debuts on Disney XD at 7:30pm CST. It’s called Lab Rats and stars one of my fellow high school graduates, Hal Sparks. If you have kids, like special effects or are just intrigued, please watch the show. It’s a finely written show! I thought it was about biology class and rats. ICK!  Like I want to watch a bunch of rodents? Luckily, I was way wrong!  Here’s a preview

When you do watch it, remember to watch those credits! You never know, you may know someone who put some hard work into those movies or TV shows! 


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  1. I watch every award show, DWTS, etc for my cousin’s name. He has been doing it for years.. I admire all the hard work all those men and women do to enhance our viewing. They should be awarded on TV not some other ceremony.

  2. I always watch the credits. My movie watching feels “unfinished” if I don’t. I ‘m even interested to know the name of the caterers. Once, I saw the name Jun M. Rodriguez. I’m sure that guy is Filipino.. It’s spanish, I know, but that name Jun and the middle initial are a give away. Filipinos always write down their middle initials and Jun is such a common Filipino nickname.

  3. Very relevant to my most recent blog posting (plug, plug, plug, plug, plug)

    Hal Sparks to me was always one of the funny guys on Vh1. He was Michael Ian Black with spiky hair.

    Congrats to your bro! I’m real into TV writing and trying to break in so I always pay attention to the credits. I’ve come to realize how many people write for lots of different shows too. I know Nancy Oliver would be impressed that I actually recognize her name when it pops up as a writing credit.

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