Camp Douglas Smith Diaries Part 2

Dear Riveted Readers:

When I wrote part 1 of this series, I had just found letters that I had written to my family while I was at overnight camp for a month. I wrote some interesting things back then but the underlying theme was pretty obvious.

Here's my Thought: I Want a Care Package!

Since camp was only a month, I didn’t have much time to put the idea into my family’s head. Repetition was important. Fortunately, the camp enforced letter writing. On certain nights, admission was granted with an addressed envelope with postage on it. I always assumed that people had written something on the paper inside, but maybe some of the boys had blank sheets of paper?!

Don't Forget What to Put in the Care Package!

At a certain point, one could argue there was a bit of bratty behavior going on…

Okay, Seriously, Where is the Care Package? Don't Make Me Beg!

Since being subtle wasn’t working…

You Can't Say I wasn't Persistent...

Care package were so coveted! Some had homemade treats and pictures. Candy and gum were a given. Do you ever have that dilemma where it costs more to ship something versus what you are actually shipping?  I’m sure that was the case with these care packages.  But, to the parents, I’m sure cost wasn’t a factor.

During mail call, when a camper received a care package, giddiness and gratitude consumed all who were near. It represented a part of home and the chance to make a new friend…to get or give some candy or cookies! The care package recipient was the most popular person in the cabin, at that moment, until the next person received one…

Aren't You Sending This To Me Before I Come Home?!

Did Lauren’s family come through and send her a care package full of love and junk? Tune into Part 3 of the CDS Diaries to find out!

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  1. I so remember doing this at camp. Those care packages were the best. I had to send one to my niece last summer because I remember how important it was 😉

  2. I sure hope your parents came through w/the care package/s.

  3. I never went camping… I think my parents were so afraid something might happen . Take note… I always had a nanny following me til I was 6.

  4. subtle. LOL

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