Because You Believe in Me – Give Me More of Your Money!

For over a quarter of a decade, I paid some people to look after me if I ever had an accident in my car or some horrific occurrence in my home. Last month, I decided to shop around for other people to look out for me and found out that my “loyalty” was rewarded with sub par coverage and steady premium increases year after year.  ED NOTE: I am tagging this as humor because one would think this was a joke and it is.  But it’s not funny, if you know what I mean.

They had no interest in keeping me as a customer. In fact, when I called them to bring up the ridiculous premium difference, the agent said that she could probably come up with that rate, too, if I were calling for a quote!  What?!  You mean, you are punishing me for being a loyal customer?  That is what it sounded like to me.

Fortunately, I found coverage with a very reputable insurance company who made sure I had the correct coverage and my premium went down almost 50%.

When I called back to cancel, they essentially said, “Can you spell your name again??” Over 25 years of my life and I am nothing to them. No attempt to keep me or remorse for losing my business. I asked how I would get my money back and the person said that she didn’t know. Are you kidding me?!  Nobody asks this question when they call to cancel?! What happened to customer service?!

Instead, they were defensive and tried to make me feel like I was incompetent.  Classic sales line – “It’s not us, it’s you.” 

Very disappointing ,yet not surprising. I know I was the ignorant one for not shopping sooner since I THOUGHT that my agent was taking care of me. Insurance is supposed to bring peace of mind. What a crock!  It makes me sad.  

Can we trust anyone to truly take care of us anymore? 

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  1. Keep ranting. then turn it into a book and do more ranting. Even if only your family and I read them – I enjoy the heck out of them.

    SQD – Stupid Question of the Day – add that to your database.

  2. Somehow I am not surprised.

  3. Short answer: Nope.

  4. Can we trust anyone to take care of us anymore ? No.

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