Floss Flicking Etiquette

Tonight’s morsel  is a free-write full of Laurenisms and alliteration, inspired by a brief encounter earlier today.

Today I was minding my own business at work when I hear my neighbor, Aimless, demand that the visitor in her office leave the premises immediately and finish his “business” in front of my work space instead of hers. 

I laughed as I didn’t know what the offender was doing.

Well, it turns out that FLICKER was actually  flossing his teeth in debris dropping range of Aimless!!  I fully supported the disgust of Aimless and promptly shooed FLICKER away as he kept walking back and forth in front of my space as the former occupants that were previously living within his teeth, were freed to bounce and die in the open atmosphere.  Each time I heard the flicking noise, I was getting sicker and sicker! I moved around my space to cover my coveted belongings.  Who wants a cute picture of their niece and nephew dripping with dental debris?!  ICK!!! Okay, I don’t even know if dental debris even makes sense but I am going with the alliteration. 

If it were a tooth pick, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. I will give you that. But this was a yard of floss nestled in between those teeth.

What can I say!  Really?  Quite simply, ISH! I felt like I was in an episode of  “The Office” and Dwight was taunting me with his floss flicking routine. What would you do, follow FLICKER around with a garbage can and hope to catch the flying debris?  

I embrace the act of floss flicking, it’s an important part of personal hygiene. However, this flosser thinks that floss flicking should be done in a bathroom, or at least the privacy of  one’s own home where one is not at risk of hitting anyone else with his or her findings!  

Work seems like an odd place to be massaging one’s gums.  What would you do? P.S. Don’t forget to floss! 

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  1. Good grief! At work? I can’t even stand when my husband does it next to me in the bathroom!

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