Even Bad Boys Have Good Moments & Birthdays, Too!

This blog debuted last March. It’s hard to believe that it has been 50 weeks. In celebration of this milestone, I intend to read each post from start to finish and challenge you to do the same!  I will have  a virtual vat of Vodka in hand and perhaps some chips, carrots and very spicy guacamole) and stroll through last year’s journey. If we are lucky, some witty words will merge together and new posts will be born.

Speaking of milestones, today, is supposedly Bad Boy‘s birthday.  He left various HINTS on his Facebook wall that today is the day. He is very clear that he has a birthday yet is being evasive without modesty, for sure!

How do I not know it?  I usually retain all critical data and I am Harriet the Spy buzzing around on a case of 5 Hour Energy Drinks on a weak day. If it is today, this will be very timely. If it’s not, I am paying it forward and catching up. Let’s not kid ourselves. We have missed many birthdays over the years…

You were officially introduced to BB in a post inspired by a journal entry penned in junior high. Below is the artifact that was written a mere (as I count on my fingers…oh wait, I don’t have enough, let me add my toes to the count…still not enough…) 30 years ago.  Ouch…

My writing doesn’t look that age and if writing could get carded, mine would! That’s not to say that writing can drink…but one can write when one drinks and drink when one writes, but I digress.

Just Another Prank Brought To You By the Bad Boy

To his defense, he is a big supporter of this blog! He even left a comment on the Bad Boy and a Banana Post: 

“First off….”Bad Boy” is not so bad. Just a kid at heart. Pranks are fun at 8 and at 43. Love ya babe! Can’t wait to get you at 48! Hehehe!”

  • He will always be older than me (by a couple of months) but much less mature.  That’s okay. 
  • He’ll prank until he tanks!  Imagine receiving a text from someone who says you are using the wrong number. Did I mention that he is texting you from that number and you and he are having a textversation? -That’s a Laurenism.
  • He’ll be full of thought.  Not necessarily good thought.  Like the time he super glued a co-worker’s Tupperware container that had her lunch inside…and she was starving!  
  • He’ll disarm you with humor  and thought when it is completely unexpected. (He used to have a different nick name on this blog and he protested it and the countless others I suggested.  He wanted something a bit more masculine that  I won’t write here…you can use your imagination).
  • He’ll always be riveted by Twix bars or Oreos for breakfast and feed his dog an Italian Beef.  That’s okay, too, he doesn’t eat meat and his dog is like his child.
  • He’ll always be unapproachable when the Bears are playing. Side note: if they lose…give him a week. 
  • He’ll have that smirk on his face, even in his writing, making you well aware that he did something very bad boyish!

Happy Birthday, Bad Boy. Keep making people shake their heads as you do something ridiculous and then walk around with that self-satisfied smirk as you plot your next move!

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time ! Is Bad Boy the hubby ?

    Cheers !

    • Hi Ren…I don’t know how you got into my spam. I just unspammed two of your comments! So happy to see you again! No, Bad Boy is not my hubby. Thanks for asking, though. I am sure he probably just choked on his Twix bar when he read your comment:)

  2. Congrats on the monthaversarry!

    I like how simple you seemed on that day. You didn’t really have to go into why he was a shithead, he just was. What a perfect adjective that is.

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