These Gams Got Game, Kid

Today was my first bike ride of the season. My longest ride, last season, was on 9/11 when I had an epic 56 mile ride.  Today, just like the 9/11 ride, the weather was perfect for bike riding. I eagerly went to pump air into my tires and wasn’t even thwarted when my tire went flat. 

Calmly, I negotiated the bike into my RAV 4 and fled off to the bike store, just in time for it to open. The bike mechanic promptly put my tires back into riding shape and within minutes, I was back on the road for my riding debut of 2012. Bike riding mojo!

My original thought was to have an easy 20 mile ride up to the Chicago Botanic Garden via the Green Bay Trail.  However, as soon as my feet hit the pedals, I realized I had to take advantage of my perfectly plump tires and the utopian weather.  So, I opted for a bigger loop that equated to 36 miles.  I am fortunate enough to live near many bike trails, so I don’t even have to drive to start my rides on a safe path that has beautiful scenery along forest preserves and a lagoon.

It was a fast ride and the highlight came about 20 miles into the 36 mile ride when I passed a teen and his dad.  They were dawdling on top of a bridge. I left them bobble around for a few minutes but as we coasted down the hill past the bridge, I said, “On the left” and zoomed by them.  

Relieved that this momentum obstacle was removed, I got back into my zone. Just a few minutes pass and I heard this young voice saying with completely authority, “On the left”. I realized it was the little whippersnapper wanting to have a race with me. I enjoyed the opportunity for some impromptu interval training. 

So I picked up the pace and said, “On the left”.  Defeated, he yelled, “Again” as I passed him by and didn’t see him for the rest of my ride. 

The wind sprint game was fun and as I finished my ride today, I thought of that spirited young rider, and said to myself, “These gams got game, kid.”

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  1. I’m on the east coast and we are hoping to get your weather starting today through the rest of the week! Gotta love that first venture out in warm weather after a long winter!

  2. Sounds like a good start to a brand new season!

  3. If my hubby and kiddo weren’t feeling under the weather, I would have left them at home longer and enjoyed riding longer! I dream of a 56 mile bike ride – last summer I think I did 34-36 in one day for my longest trek.

    Very exciting about this season – I try to average at least 10 miles or so a day at home in my neighborhood – then on weekends I try to go for longer quests. 😀

    I’m still trying to get used to finding my pace and working my gears!

    • Kristine, I am envious that you get to do the 10 mile rides during the week as I don’t get home in time for that so I have to ride on my exercise bike or do the elliptical at the gym a few blocks away. So, on the weekends, if I do anything less than 20 each day, I feel ripped off! My first ride, I shifted the gears too wildly and the chain flew right off!

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