Why Don’t More People Say Thank You?

I am writing this post from my cell phone as I relax in my courtyard in my lawn chair – listening to the summer sounds. I can hear the sound of motor boats, jets, lawnmowers, giddy kids and even a sprinkler, or two. Oh, and the obnoxious bass that keeps playing in a series of annoying songs that are played in a loop that neighbors in the next town can probably hear. I live near Chicago and it’s March 18. Wow! We are going on day 5 of 80 degree weather!

Exquisite View on This Morning’s Ride!

I am obviously very appreciative of this balmy weather and the timing is perfect. It’s like having a spring break without even leaving town!
I was thinking about gratitude earlier today. Years ago, a friend thanked me “for the vessels I bestowed upon him” in a thank you card for a wedding gift of cocktail glasses I picked out. The note also read that he had a great time seeing me at the wedding.

The kicker is that I got the card when I came home from the wedding that day! Years later, I can certainly admire that he proactively wrote his thank you notes before his wedding.      

I would much rather get an acknowledgement versus none.

I went to a wedding last year and never received a thank you. Isn’t that  like cashing a check before sending a note?  Did the gift get lost?

It makes one wonder if one is really wanted at these important milestones in life, or is one merely the resource for another gift?

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of this blog! I certainly am grateful to the Rein Rant n Rave Nation that has steadily grown since post number one.  I have my chiropractor freaking out his patients that I will write about them in my blog. This, my voracious fan base, is success!

I can only hope people in my life continue to give me good material like poor Flicker who innocently flossed his teeth outside my workspace and thought nobody would notice. A successful post, Flicker, and I wrote it in 10 minutes!

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Honorable Mention goes to Bad Boy and a Banana that was three clicks shy of making the Top 10

Thanks,again, to everyone for taking this jaunt with me

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  1. Enjoy the weather. I am near Philadelphia and it’s been wonderful here to although not 80! It really is spring break!

  2. Wow ! 80 F ? And you’re in Chicago ? I’m here in california, and it’s 42 F…. my fingers are frozen as I’m typing this.

  3. congrats

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