The One That ALMOST Got Away…

Pret A Manger moved into my town a couple of months ago and my life was immediately transformed to a higher level of giddiness.

I walked into see a cooler full of fresh and natural food without fake ingredients. You know, food that is actually good for you AND tastes good?  As I looked closer…it was as if a huge light was beaming down onto the cooler at that moment…because their salads and sandwiches were overflowing with my favorite ingredient – avocado! 

The two sandwiches that I zoned in on were the Balsamic Chicken and Avocado (surprise) and the California Club. They sell halves as well, so you can mix and match.

Every item has the calories listed next to it and are made daily.  Any item that is not eaten by closing is given away to charity!  So, it’s a win-win for everyone.  This first time I had a chicken avocado salad there, I savored each and every bite and was completely satiated.  Every single ingredient merges into this perfect blend of deliciousness that could make any angst from a day gone wrong immediately disappear. 

The Most Satiating Salad EVER!

  • The grilled chicken is the freshest EVER!
  • The avocado melts in your mouth like butter and is UNBELIEVABLE!
  • The tomatoes are thinly sliced and taste AMAZING!
  • Walnuts and raisins are nestled on the packed box of scrumptious mesclun. 

They even make their own dressings!  I’ve had the balsamic. lemon shallot and wild berry  – all delicious!

Last week I whistled a happy tune as I went to the place to get my fix. HORROR!  My salad is not there!  No, it’s not because everyone had eaten it, they didn’t make it that day!  WHAT?!  

I crumble in front of the cooler. Heart broken. Oh, the betrayal. Not to mention, significant salad satiation withdrawal!  I asked the cashier where my favorite salad went and she, like me, was grief struck as if we were at a memorial service for the best salad in the world…ever!  There was no logic. I was completely baffled and crushed. 

I sent a note to Pret A Manger expressing my heart-break, not to mention, lack of my soul not being satiated, let alone my stomach.  I implored: please bring back the Chicken Avocado Salad!! 

Today, I went back with very low expectations, thinking that my favorite salad wouldn’t be hanging out with me, well before I ate it, that is.  I look into the cooler and staring back at me was THE salad.   Reunited!   Lots of them!  Oh, the giddy in me returned and I almost skipped to the cashier so I could run home and have a dinner to look forward to! Thank you, Pret  A Manger, for bringing us back together!

Breakfast is Yummy, Too!

Don’t even get me started on the yummy breakfast items that I have only begun to explore!

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  1. I must say you really connect with your salads!

  2. That place sounds really awesome! I’m glad you were able to satisfy your craving!

  3. I’ve never heard of Pret a Manger before, and now I’m crying bitter tears because there are none near me.

    • Laura, I understand your bitter tears and certainly don’t mean to rub in my joy. That was rude of me. I am sorry. I hope that Pret catches on across the country so everyone can live the salad eating dream like me 🙂

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