Who Knew That Paper Could Become Scissors?!

This past week, over two days, I sustained seven paper cuts on my hands!  By the end of the second day, I looked like I was in a street fight.  However, I was merely at work. I was getting really irritated, pardon the pun. Can one put a restraining order on paper cuts?!  I could show you riveting photos of my snagged cuticles and the rips and slices on my fingers, but that seems a bit unpleasant.

In addition to being beat up, my week was full of meetings.  So, I was relieved to be able to sneak in a visit to my favorite retreat, The Chicago Botanic Garden, that allows me to recharge my batteries in an instant. Rock, paper, scissors…paper cut I digress.

Waterfall Garden in Action at Chicago Botanic Garden

As I started my speed walk at the garden, I found myself slowing down as I heard the hypnotic sound of running water. I was thrilled to see water rushing down the hill at the Waterfall Garden. It was therapeutic. I immediately snapped a picture and sent it to Facebook and emailed it to my friends and family and rubbed in my awesome view!

I continued my jaunt and my hair was flying all over my face. Were the trees mocking me?!

If trees had hair, on a windy day, they would look like this.

No such thing as a bad hair day when you are looking at a view like that.

I picked up the pace since I had been dawdling taking all of the pictures but everywhere I looked, another photo had to be taken.  I love the view of water as it is kissed by the sun just before it is about to set, an hour later.  It sparkles!

Sunset Water at the Chicago Botanic Garden

I was completely rejuvenated by spending a half hour at the garden.  I am really lucky to have a haven like this to appreciate nature and receive an education at the same time.  I love riding my bike there on the weekends but when I do that, I don’t get to experience checking out each of the 24 gardens. During the summer, it is absolutely packed, so I cherish moments like this one where I can take in the panoramas of perfection without interruption.

This year is CGB’s 40th year!  Despite the frequency of my visits, they are alway adding more treasures to check out. There is not enough time to take it all in!

The finale on my garden safari was this vision of a burst of blooms and color!

Spectacular flowers in bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The spectacular sights lifted away any stress and made me forget all about my beat up hands! That is, until the next day, when I found new ways to make my hands smart. Who knew that paper could become scissors?!

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. You are indeed very fortunate to be near such beauty, but you are blessed to have the knowledge to take the time to actually appreciate it… severed hands and all. You really have me thinking about this one. Thanks for the aha moment.

  2. Beautiful photos, Lauren. How that space has developed in its forty years–we are indeed lucky to have it.

    • Thank you, Lynn! I was very fortunate to have parents reinforce beautiful wonders like CBG at a very young age! To this day, I still take walks with both of them (at different times) at the Garden during my various visits!

  3. Your experience with paper cuts is almost enough to convince me to give up paper altogether.

  4. Especially love the comment about the Willow and windy hair!

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