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Coffee Cat Bandit

Imagine seeing a door that reads, “employee entrance” that leads to an office break room and walking in to see freshly brewed coffee with all the fixings waiting for you to sample it.

A male employee aka Captain Caffeine observes the unfamiliar person in break room and asks, “May I help You?”

Coffee Crook: “No.”

Captain Caffeine realizes this woman is clearly not a part of the office staff so he re-phrases the question, “Do you need something?”

Coffee Crook: “I’m good.”

Captain Caffeine is baffled Read the rest of this entry

Would Have, Could Have, Should Have

Yesterday, I found out that my co-workers had won me a new Read the rest of this entry

How to Write an American Idol Recap When You Are Half-Watching It

Maybe it’s because I was violently ill last night but I feel compelled to do a free write about Idol tonight with the added twist of half-watching.

The dramatic opening of All About Princess Jessica, I mean, American Idol, tonight was ridiculous. Admittedly, I always fast forward through the opening. Princess Jessica recovering from being rescued, collapsed on the couch, was more than I could take. I couldn’t even read the captions because I was so annoyed.  All about Princess Jessica, seriously, will they ever learn?  The Royal Court of 6 are snubbed, once again.

We move on.  Oh yay, two songs from each person tonight.  First one is a number one hit from 2000 until now and the second one is from Soul Train.

Round 1

Hollie – Rolling in the Deep – Adele.  She always sounds great in rehearsal.  I think she is going to bring it!  She has much to prove and has the backing of America now…don’t blow it, girl!

No, you didn’t! Read the rest of this entry

Being a Tourist in My Own Town

Today, I had an impromptu road trip with a couple of friends.  We drove a couple of hours to meet another friend of ours who we hadn’t seen in over a year.  We had a great time. 

On the way back,my friend asked if I wanted to see Michael Jordan’s house.  As you can see from the video, it is very modest. It is listed for 29 million Read the rest of this entry

This is Crazy! Vote for the Best!

I’ll admit it. I watch American Idol and have since the second to last episode of the first season.  Some seasons I get into it more than others. But, I never vote for one of the contestants. 

As the seasons have progressed, I have cut down on my viewership and don’t truly start getting hooked until the finalists are announced.  For the first time, last night, I actually enjoyed the Ford commercial. It was a sketch in pencil with each contestant showing up as a bouncing head throughout the sketch. It was cool and I was riveted. Most of them are just silly. Or, maybe I just don’t get the profound joy of singing a goofy song that revolves around a car with bizarre plots.

The show opened with the “teaser” that there would be shocking results. Surely, one of my favorites: Colton, Elise, Hollie, Joshua, Phillip or Skylar would not be voted off. Oh, did I forget someone? 

Then the judges paraded onto the stage and ripped away the microphone to save their favorite, Read the rest of this entry

Just Another Day at the Office

I believe it was the summer of 2003 when a friend of mine and I were “golfing” with the rest of our office, as the result of an incentive at work.   Every year on my birthday, I would drag my family to play miniature golf but the actual sport of golf never spoke to me. So, it wasn’t surprising that Gidget and I were thrown together to create the dynamic divot-making duo that would change the golfing world!

FORE! After many attempts at trying to make contact with the ball and having many anxious golfing foursomes fly past us, we were finally settling in our zone.  I went to pick up my ball on a hill and there were a plethora of them.

Which one was mine?

This moon would be much easier to find than the golf ball I lost that day!

I did what any ill-informed visitor/borderline tourist at a golf course would do. Read the rest of this entry

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