This is Crazy! Vote for the Best!

I’ll admit it. I watch American Idol and have since the second to last episode of the first season.  Some seasons I get into it more than others. But, I never vote for one of the contestants. 

As the seasons have progressed, I have cut down on my viewership and don’t truly start getting hooked until the finalists are announced.  For the first time, last night, I actually enjoyed the Ford commercial. It was a sketch in pencil with each contestant showing up as a bouncing head throughout the sketch. It was cool and I was riveted. Most of them are just silly. Or, maybe I just don’t get the profound joy of singing a goofy song that revolves around a car with bizarre plots.

The show opened with the “teaser” that there would be shocking results. Surely, one of my favorites: Colton, Elise, Hollie, Joshua, Phillip or Skylar would not be voted off. Oh, did I forget someone? 

Then the judges paraded onto the stage and ripped away the microphone to save their favorite, Princess Jessica. How wonderful for PJ to get that validation. Please put some more helium in that hard-working head of hers, judges! Back in 2006, the younger PJ was Brandy’s wild card pick on the first season of America’s Got Talent!

What about the other 6 who were safe? How would you feel if your peer was being touted, on national television, that she was one of the best singers in the world!  Or better yet, people, “vote for the best”…because it’s not you, the other 6 singers on the show who were completely ignored. What should be a very exciting night for each of them, full or relief and accomplishment, turned into a slap in the face. 

“This is crazy!”  Yes, Jennifer, this is crazy!! Excuse me? It is pretty uncool to dismiss their talents with all of the worship they were bestowing upon their hero, PJ. She was their favorite but she wasn’t necessarily America’s favorite.  

Please understand, I believe this attention to PJ will work against her.  She has worked hard “all of her life”. 16 years, that is. That show has put such focus on her that I can’t even appreciate her performances anymore. Oh Dawg, she can sing really well, but she is coming off as a diva who doesn’t seem genuine and lacks feeling.

What is really going on?

Some people believe that it was a ploy. The show was just looking to mix it up a little, so people would be talking it up at the water cooler, today! It worked. But, I don’t think so. It seems like vote tampering would take away from the credibility of the show. 

While I don’t believe in that, I do believe that on some level, viewers are being directed to like or not like certain contestants. I guess that is the nature of the show.  As a viewer, if you are strong enough, you can formulate your own opinion. That is the challenge of many of these competitive themed shows.

It was “Vote for the Worst” manipulating the results.  Come on, this season doesn’t seem to have a standout bad performer.  I would buy it in other seasons. But I have to say, this season seems to have some talent. There are a few standout “get picked on performers”.  In fact, it seems like each week there is a new victim that the judges zone in on to bring the focus back to their prized pick.

To win American Idol, you shouldn’t just be a gifted singer or the favorite of the masses or the judges.  I don’t mean to be rude, but show some gratitude for people who understand your talent. Be real, it draws people in.  Learn some notes like “thank you or we” and not just “me me, me.”  Lack of emotion, depth, and over self-absorption are unappealing – in anyone. 

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  1. Agree 100% …Don’t forget Randy saying “she’s the best in America” what? No he didn’t! She can sing…period. She is great, yes. However, there are others on the show this year that are true artists and they are always my draw, but clearly they must have morphed off the stage for a moment because they were completely IGNORED during the love fest.

  2. I’m sorry, but I watch so little TV that I can’t do American Idol ever.
    What has that show produced, one star? Still think you rock tho.

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