How to Write an American Idol Recap When You Are Half-Watching It

Maybe it’s because I was violently ill last night but I feel compelled to do a free write about Idol tonight with the added twist of half-watching.

The dramatic opening of All About Princess Jessica, I mean, American Idol, tonight was ridiculous. Admittedly, I always fast forward through the opening. Princess Jessica recovering from being rescued, collapsed on the couch, was more than I could take. I couldn’t even read the captions because I was so annoyed.  All about Princess Jessica, seriously, will they ever learn?  The Royal Court of 6 are snubbed, once again.

We move on.  Oh yay, two songs from each person tonight.  First one is a number one hit from 2000 until now and the second one is from Soul Train.

Round 1

Hollie – Rolling in the Deep – Adele.  She always sounds great in rehearsal.  I think she is going to bring it!  She has much to prove and has the backing of America now…don’t blow it, girl!

No, you didn’t! Jennifer, please, she is taking credit right now for Hollie’s impressive performance!  Shut the front door!

Colton: Bad Romance – Lady Gaga.  Colton gets the ladies vote and has those dreamy eyes. Not that I noticed, but if I did.  He is definitely unique and brings passion. No disrespect, but what is up with the red streak?

Steven is my favorite judge, he is so funny and amusing to watch and says interesting things.

Elise: Noone: Alicia Keys. Why does she always get picked on. She has a great voice. Check out the fan blowing her about on stage. She is angst ridden and like Hollie, coverts it into an enjoyable performance.

Jennifer talks about her “goosies” coming out.  Oh boy.

Phillip: You Got it Bad – Usher.  Phillip has to be watched when he sings. The ladies will understand. He really gets into his songs. I will say that his guitar follows him around like Linus’ blanket. However, he plays it very well and more power to him! Oh yes, Phillip, I got it bad….Randy called him a “true artist”. I concur.

Now, we move onto Princess Jessica. Falling – Alicia Keys. Will Jessica feel the music? Crazed applause in her first bar… Cannot wait for the comments from the judges. Cannot wait!   She is very pleased with herself.  “Otherwordly” or was it “Utterly wordy”???  I didn’t quite catch the word that Randy used.  He told Alicia to call her and say good job. Hmm…didn’t Elise sing an Alicia Keys song, too? The favoritism continues.

Skylar: Born This Way – Lady Gaga. I love the taunting violinist that looks like Aidan Quinn! Steven said she was “born that way” and Randy said she is “beyond ready”.

Joshua: I Believe – Fantasia, his idol. People complain he can be preachy but the last few weeks he has caught my attention with his voice. I much prefer to hear him sing that song versus his idol.

Round 2:

Hollie: Son of a Preacher Man. She is all giddy from seeing the Liverpool Football Club. She was really in control, tonight.

Colton: September. When he plays the piano, he is good at working those eyes. What an interesting arrangement. I think he does better when playing the piano, so of course, they all ganged up on him.

Elise:  Let’s Get it On. Great song for her – I actually watched her sing it. I think she connects with her songs, I am not sure if I get Jennifer’s comment. If Joshua cries, they pick on him for getting emotional. Which way do you want it, people!?! It’s Princess Jessica who doesn’t emote.  Randy said that song wasn’t right for her voice – wow.  Are you kidding me? What was he listening to?

Phillp: In the Midnight Hour. Finally some praise from the judges. YAY! Steven said, “brilliantly awkward.” Huh?

Jessica: Try a Little Tenderness. Sounded a little screechy to me. Can’t one sing without screaming?  Sometimes I really wonder what the judges are watching. At least Jennifer admitted having a good voice isn’t just it.

Skylar: Heard it Through the Grapevine. Steven said,  she is  “a wild horse that refuses to be tamed.”  Other than Princess Jessica, they are backing this mare, for sure.

Joshua: A Change is Going to Come. He is easy to listen to. They like him tonight. Will America? Steven has great quotes. “Your voice just climbs inside everybody and changes them for that moment.” I always play his songs, twice.

It’s anyone’s guess. Will the women save Colton’s dreamy eyes? Will America rally behind the true talent of Elise who does not deserve to be in the bottom 3? Where will Princess Jessica end up? 

Here is what I don’t get. With Jermaine being kicked out earlier in the season, how will they make up the time? Also, since they used the save last week, will two go tomorrow or just one because of the Jermaine exit? That part kind of confuses me.

Why do they say vote for your favorite and not the best? A friend pointed out that it should be who you don’t like because then maybe the talented singers will stay in…

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  1. I barley and I do mean barley got through the opening. Joshua gets into my soul..Philip is an artist to the core and these are the 2 I want in the finals.

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