Would Have, Could Have, Should Have

Yesterday, I found out that my co-workers had won me a new Mac Book Pro. I was giddy and full of gratitude!  My current laptop has been showing signs of demise, so the timing could not be more perfect.  In fact, I was so giddy that I did a happy dance.  Now, I can’t put that photo on here. Although the result would yield massive amounts of laughter that any giggle chick would appreciate, I could never live it down. But, trust me, I was super ecstatic!

I wrote a heart-felt thank you note to the director of the division, as well as the rest of my division who made this happen.  The first note I got back was from Flicker.  You may remember him from Floss Flicking Etiquette. An earlier post where he was desperately looking for floss and when he found it, flicked his dental debris near my work space.  For a trip down memory lane, check out the recent post on the right hand side of the blog.

At any rate, I digress. He wrote me that I should spend my winnings on dental floss for him!  NO way, buster!  Go get some tooth picks, a mirror, and a private room and let’s call it a day!

The giddiness of the day was overshadowed, unfortunately, by the conclusion that a reunion project that I had been working on since January was going to be canceled. At first I felt defeated but then I realized that I made some good friendships as a result of this endeavor, so it was not a waste. But, who are we kidding? When we invest our time and efforts in something, we want the end result to be a success!

I spent much time creating a blog for my former campers of yesteryear to create a memory chest of sorts where people can go. The blog had many hits and people were engaged! They really wanted a reunion but as soon as we put up the tickets for sale, there was deafening silence.

At first we thought it was the timing of when he put the tickets up for sale. There was Easter, Passover, and even tax season, but after all of that, there still was not even a nibble when I would put posts in the blog or on the Facebook page – asking people to acknowledge attendance to the event. Nothing. The only people talking about the event, were the few of us on the committee.

I put a poll out there and received many hits but a very small percentage of people participated in the poll. Then, it became clear that it wasn’t the timing of the ticket delivery that was the issue, it was the timing of the event.

Yesterday afternoon, we announced the postponement until fall. Suddenly, people spoke up and said, “I was going to go!!” It was almost like a surprise party on the committee.  “Yes, we dig this event, were plotting together, to all come and buy tickets on the last day!!!”  It was bittersweet to see these people engaged again. But why do people wait until the last-minute to commit? Sadly, by the time they do, is it too late?  Hopefully, this new wave of positive energy  will result in an even better reunion! 

Perchance, it’s distraction. Would have, could have, should have. All of us have done this. We assume that we are not needed to make something happen. Someone else will do it! It’s simply not true.  We take things, events, and people for granted all of the time.  Intentional or not, it happens.

Years ago, when this behavior would happen at work, the managers would leave the room and all of the sales reps would be left inside for a players only meeting. This was when we all got a wake up speech from the veterans and get engaged again. Those meetings worked!  We came together and were very successful. This is similar to what is happening with the reunion. It’s like when mom or dad gets fed up and leaves for a walk and the rest of the family “fixes things” so when he or she comes back, it is all good!

While being internally excited about something, if you don’t share your passion about it; events can get canceled.  That is a big reason why I have thrown myself into volunteering that last few years. Momentum and enthusiasm, backed by genuine effort, are needed to propel everything.

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  1. Soooooooooooooo true! Congrats on the Mac Book Pro..I am IN LOVE with mine.

  2. I hate when things end like that! I’ve done a few work functions and it’s always nail biting until the end!

  3. i hope that reunion comes off and your work was not for naught.

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