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Guacamole Bliss

My birthday is coming up and it made me think of many people who take that day off like it’s a national holiday, or something. Well, it is, in a way, so I kind of understand it but it is fun to see if people remember your special day.

Years ago, I was working at a bank as a teller and was going through my huge Elvis infatuation phase and started an Elvis collection. Celebrating birthdays was complicated because you only had a couple of breaks and a short break for lunch and everything was staggered.

At that time, I had brought my Elvis cook book into work and noticed that a co-worker had taken it from me to borrow.  Bill was a big practical jokester. One can only imagine what we was doing to my coveted collectible. Was he putting his face on all of the Elvis photos?!

Shortly,  SMARTY PANTS came back with a plate and presented it to me at my teller station.  I looked at the plate and saw a Read the rest of this entry

Subtle Promotion for Rich Cohen in Motion

It’s only Tuesday but it has already been one of those weeks.  I am not sure which of the below three qualify as top zinger but here goes. 

  • I had my hair done on Sunday and it looks pretty fabulous, as most would say. However, one person, hereby referred to as HAIR HATER was cited as saying: “I’ll tell you if I like it by the end of the day.” Meanwhile, “Get a spray tan for your face, you’re too pale.” 

Subtle Promotion in Motion for Alex and the Amazing Time Machine

  • I was helping one of my colleagues and we were trying to think of a witty thing to say to someone who was being overly enthusiastic requesting information – his response was Read the rest of this entry

Customer Service Challenged Chaos!

At times, it is easy to think the world is laughing at you as various incidents that seem well-intentioned go wrong and you feel like you are in a practical joke that won’t end.  It’s as if a storm cloud is following you around and raining bad mojo all over anything nice that you do!

My colleague, AIMLESS, decided to get lunch for her team a few days ago. 

She wanted to get pizza because it was easy but then members of her team complained so she caved and ordered individual salads from a place near by.  Sure, some people didn’t want everything on the salad, so she had to take notes and repeat the order about five times while on the phone. 

The place serves three types of chicken on their salads:

Nebulous Marshmallow Trampolines

When I was a kid, I thought that clouds tasted like marshmallows and you could jump on them like trampolines.  It was a great concept, you could just rip off a piece of the cloud and nosh on it in between jumping sessions. Much like a bouncy house, but it was made of marshmallows. If the cloud was of the friendly kind, to quench your thirst, you could swing down and catch some water from the mist it provided. 

Mesmerizing Trampolines

I was a bit surprised and horrified when I went through my first series of Read the rest of this entry

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