Nebulous Marshmallow Trampolines

When I was a kid, I thought that clouds tasted like marshmallows and you could jump on them like trampolines.  It was a great concept, you could just rip off a piece of the cloud and nosh on it in between jumping sessions. Much like a bouncy house, but it was made of marshmallows. If the cloud was of the friendly kind, to quench your thirst, you could swing down and catch some water from the mist it provided. 

Mesmerizing Trampolines

I was a bit surprised and horrified when I went through my first series of nebulous material on an airplane trip. I was baffled at how the sticky and sweet consistency of the clouds would allow us to pass through them.

Years ago, while at work, I would always look at the sky and say…

Check Out The Kissing Nebulas!

…or some other crazy cloud reference and it took my colleagues a while to figure out what I was talking about. 

To this day, I am fascinated by clouds and embrace their uniqueness. Clouds calm me down! I think it’s really cool when their formations look like real things such as numbers or animals, etc.  Yes, it requires an imagination and each perception is different; but it is fun.

Some days, The Clouds Transform Into a Mountain Range!

The only thing that concerns me is when, like people, they get mad and dark and are scary. At that point, their comfort and friendly qualities disappear, they no longer taste like marshmallows.  In fact, the marshmallows have been coated with jalapeno guts and you pretty much run like crazy to get away from them!

This Cloud Has a Kick – Run!

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  1. You’re making me hungry. You know I like jalapenos.

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