Subtle Promotion for Rich Cohen in Motion

It’s only Tuesday but it has already been one of those weeks.  I am not sure which of the below three qualify as top zinger but here goes. 

  • I had my hair done on Sunday and it looks pretty fabulous, as most would say. However, one person, hereby referred to as HAIR HATER was cited as saying: “I’ll tell you if I like it by the end of the day.” Meanwhile, “Get a spray tan for your face, you’re too pale.” 

Subtle Promotion in Motion for Alex and the Amazing Time Machine

  • I was helping one of my colleagues and we were trying to think of a witty thing to say to someone who was being overly enthusiastic requesting information – his response was “Stick It In Your Ear”!  Just writing it makes me laugh, saying it is even more enjoyable.
  • However, I would have to say that the top zinger would have to go to someone who I believe could rival the Coffee Cat Bandit and Ransacker in terms of boldness. I was entering the restroom when a much bigger and taller lady than myself reached for the coveted seat covers. As she turns to take it out of the holder, it’s as if her arm turned into a guillotine and my entrance into the restroom became an impromptu game of Limbo that I miraculously survived!  Had I had my wits about me – I would have told her to stick it in her ear, but I digress.

What’s up with Alex and the Amazing Time Machine, you ask? Who is Rich Cohen and why is my patient Facebook family seeing links upon links from him on my Facebook wall?  Such as today, when he wrote a spirited piece about  Wrigley Field for the Wall Street Journal. 

Rich went to high school with me and has become a wordsmith who gets paid to express his thoughts, research topics that he is passionate about, and write about them. I am envious.  I also support his efforts.  

It’s a Rich Cohen Triple Play

Last time he was in town for a book signing, I had him sign a couple of his earlier works: “Sweet and Low” and “Lake Effect”.  “Sweet and Low” is about the family history of the invention of the artificial sweetener and is quite fun!  In this case, you can truly judge a book by the cover, because the cover is fun, too. “Lake Effect” is about his youth growing up in the north shore of Chicago.   He is an easy read, but perhaps I am biased. 

I picked up a couple of copies of his latest book, “Alex and the Time Machine”, so that I could have one for myself and another to read to my niece and nephew.  This book hits home for me, personally, because it is about a classmate of ours who died, quite unexpectedly a couple of years ago. Now, keep in mind, this is not a sad book but is poignant because it’s based on this person when he was a child.  So, it’s neat with a bittersweet edge. 

Rich also has another book, “The Fish That Ate The Whale” coming out in early June.  It’s about Samuel Zemurray who sold the dream of banana consumption and became really rich and powerful. A New Orleans Icon! So, that is the Rein Rant N’ Rave interpretation but I haven’t been fully versed on the topic yet because I have to read the book!   

So, if you are looking for a new author to check out, there is plenty of material!   Oh, all this talk about Cohen scripture has almost made me forget about my hair angst. So the unidentified HAIR HATER, later today, revealed that she likes it.  The Rein Rant N’ Rave Nation collectively breathes a sigh of relief! 

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  1. I read Lake Effect – I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend it.
    I think #1 was pretty snarky. However, I give Hair Hater credit for suggesting a fake tan versus baking on the beach. At least Hair Hater is aware of the dangers of too much sun. Hair looks great:)

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