Guacamole Bliss

My birthday is coming up and it made me think of many people who take that day off like it’s a national holiday, or something. Well, it is, in a way, so I kind of understand it but it is fun to see if people remember your special day.

Years ago, I was working at a bank as a teller and was going through my huge Elvis infatuation phase and started an Elvis collection. Celebrating birthdays was complicated because you only had a couple of breaks and a short break for lunch and everything was staggered.

At that time, I had brought my Elvis cook book into work and noticed that a co-worker had taken it from me to borrow.  Bill was a big practical jokester. One can only imagine what we was doing to my coveted collectible. Was he putting his face on all of the Elvis photos?!

Shortly,  SMARTY PANTS came back with a plate and presented it to me at my teller station.  I looked at the plate and saw a sandwich and was full of bewilderment.  

SMARTY PANTS:  “Happy Birthday!”

ME: “Uh, Thanks?!”

SMARTY PANTS: “It’s for your birthday, I made you a sandwich!”

ME: “Uh huh…I don’t get it! Why did you do that?”

SMARTY PANTS: “Tt’s a Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich – Elvis’ favorite!”

I promptly turned to mush, much like the bananas. The thought and effort required was nothing that I would have ever expected! We all know that surprises like this are delightful. I haven’t had one like that in a long time until last week.

I was sent on an errand from AIMLESS, fellow birthday twin, to buy balloons for our early grandiose birthday celebration.  My spirit was deflated when I realized that I could not find any purple balloons – which is my favorite color.  I took my wimpy balloon bouquet into the office and see 4 spectacular purple birthday balloons dancing in the air in my work space!

I was thrilled and my partner in crime, CONNIE, had admitted to bringing them in. I couldn’t believe it! They were attached to a beautiful purple bag and I didn’t even look inside because I was so smitten with helium-filled purple orbs.  She chirps, “I made you some guacamole but I don’t know if it’s any good!”   Avocados and me have a bit of a thing. Anyone who pays any attention to me knows about it.  

The entire office was under the guacamole spell.  I was floating around giddy. The day was enhanced by the blue and purple shirts that were strategically placed around the office as various co-workers walked around.  

I went into the break room that was transformed from drab to fab with decor that I would never think of but AIMLESS would! A big cake,  was on the table and there was that big serving of guacamole that just happened to match the table-cloth and plates, perfectly.  Alas, the guacamole bliss. Serenity! Deliciousness!

CHATTY STARBUCKS, who ALWAYS takes care of me, was in awe as she looked at the lanterns in the ceiling and the daisies on the table.  Meanwhile, person after person came in and asked AIMLESS if this big fete was for Lauren’s birthday – which was funny – because it was for HER birthday, too!  Always the bridesmaid! 

Guacamole Birthday Surprise!

But, more importantly, I witnessed that wonderful feeling of appreciation when people exert thought and effort when it is completely unexpected.  Gifts wrapped in thought are the best of all. 


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  1. So very true! Keep the joy going for the whole year…Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, my, gosh, that was so sweet of your co-workers. It’s so clear you’re well- loved ! Belated Happy Birthday to you !

  3. pharphelonus

    I love guacamole. Happy birthday!

  4. I love guacamole (I always hear the server say “guac is extra”) as I am placing my burrito order – who cares! Hope you had a great day!

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