One Must Write To Make Things Feel Right…

The birthday was a success! I went out-of-town for a week to get some LA sun, consume many avocados, and enjoy the sites with my adorable niece and nephew.  

I checked my Facebook page before I boarded my early morning flight and there were already messages from my thoughtful Facebook family.  I turned my phone back on when I got to LA and it was beeping like crazy from all of the messages!

I say it every year, but that has to be one of the best things about Facebook.  If you are lucky enough to have attentive friends and they think of you that day and write on your wall, it’s hard not to feel a bit giddy!

My flight home was spent reading on my Nook and watching my neighbor who was a technological junkie that could not be satiated.  She started off with her Macbook or maybe it was an Air, was typing furiously, and suddenly got bored. So, she took out her Ipad and read on there for a little bit. I’m guessing it was the 50 Shades trilogy but I didn’t crane my neck that far!   But, you could tell she was feeling anxious, so she put the Ipad away and took her laptop again.  Dissatisfied, she finally took out a third item that resembled a Kindle Fire.  She didn’t look like she was reading on that device. I believe she was playing a game. Restless, she went back to her Ipad.  You get the picture. 

In between her device transitions,  I caught my other neighbor munching on a Choco-Pie, so I gazed at the pillow-like clouds that were close enough that I could touch them and thought it would be great to catch photos while in flight. Then it occurred to me that I could because I had my digital camera. 

Clouds in Flight Look Like Cotton Candy

There is something really cool about looking down at clouds, seeing the sky and the earth below. 

The Earth Peeks Through the Clouds

Then I thought how cool it would be to take a sunset while in flight. I have taken countless flights and it wasn’t until this moment in my life that it hit me that I had the opportunity to take one.  Perhaps I was sleeping or it was the wrong time of day. Since I hadn’t heard the message to turn off anything with a power button yet, in one quick moment, I caught the shot. 

Swirly Clouds Overshadowed by the Sun

It’s so interesting how the once bright cotton candy clouds transformed into smog puffs!  At any rate, it was a long wait to catch images like these, but certainly worth it. 


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