Sweetness Withdrawal

Perhaps it’s due to my sweetness withdrawal, but many things that aren’t considered quintessential food are now looking like food. For example, on one of my recent walks, I noticed these pretty tiger lilies in the front of someone’s house.

Peach Slice Surprise – Are Those Blueberries on the Left?

But I didn’t see that, I saw a dish of fruit. I know sugar is the devil but I just can’t get past the joy I have from fruit consumption. Especially in the summer when it can be really ripe! I love throwing it on my salads. 

Awhile back, a friend of mine challenged me to do two things: a) not eat any sugar for 30 days and b) take an hour walk for 30 days. The walking thing is easy for me. I enjoy it and it gives me a chance to take my photos.  The no sugar thing IS a challenge. I am not into desserts and you won’t see me hiding in a closet munching on a Twix bar, but I am passionate about fruit. 

I know you aren’t supposed to eat a massive amount, but is fruit really not meant to be eaten? Isn’t moderation a good thing? It allows us to sample different things in life?!

My chiropractor and kind of life coach, who has “straightened me out” and given me am additional 1/2 more inch of height; says fruit is bad. It’s sugar. Added sugar or natural sugar. It doesn’t matter which one.  There are many people who believe that theory.  However, my doctor said, of course you can have fruit! 

Then there is the myth behind the word, “natural’.  People think that because an item has natural on the packaging, it’s good for you.  Look at the ingredients on items that say natural and you will be quickly educated to the fact that the word natural, doesn’t mean what it used to be.  

What do I think? If I can’t pronounce one of the ingredients, I probably shouldn’t eat it.  

So, I have completely failed the mission of not having sugar. I tried really hard in the beginning and realized that sugar is everywhere! I think even people who think they aren’t having sugar, are probably having a bit of it without even realizing it. 

Despite the failure, I do feel that some good things happened. I scour the labels now. I shop with a purpose and buy less and waste less. I do not crave “sugar”. I have no problem turning down sweets when offered to me, which was a big part of this process.  I used to think I ate lots of vegetables and I probably did but wasn’t appreciating them as much. However, this past month, I definitely have been hitting them hard and that is because they seem really appealing to me. 

By the way, I’m totally craving peach slices right now. Those tiger lilies look mouth-watering.  Ironically, I read in another blog post just now that you can eat tiger lilies.  Hmm…

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  1. LOL! I LOVED THIS. 🙂 It was a very fun read.

    It also reminded me of when I was in 5th grade, when my hippie art teacher (her term, not mine) took us outside. She then had us all pick dandelions and eat them.

    I would NOT recommend the dandelions, but I would recommend your blog. 🙂


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