Patriotic Toes Series

A few years ago, a friend in my office bought some patriotic swag to wear at work to get people into the spirit of the 4th of July. I rolled my eyes at it but then went home to get a pedicure and this happened:

Stepping into Patriotism

Last year, I was getting my July pedicure and I decided to make an upgrade. But before we talk about that, why doesn’t Word Press think that pedicure is a word? Surely, the creator of the spell check feature has seen painted toes before.  Come on, it’s a real word! But, I digress….

Patriotic Toes Upgrade

As great as they may look, the red shoes which I spent too much money on, have flawed velcro.  So, I have probably worn them three times in three years.  I know I should take them to a shoe repair place but the last time I took shoes to get fixed, they ended up more damaged than when I brought them in.  But, I digress. I texted many people this picture to wish them a Happy 4th.  

For my high school reunion last year, I actually had my toes done with a variation of the school colors.  They were pretty famous toes. Dare I say, celebrity toes, if you will.  This picture is on the masthead of my high school reunion blog.  

I feel bad for one of my friends who informed me that he hates toes.  To his displeasure, anytime I get a cool pedicure, he is one of the first people I will text the photo to and hope, for his benefit, that he has already digested his food. 

Spirited Toes

I have the hardest time getting sandals.  The bottom straps on both of these sandals has sub par velcro, as well.  So, I have to strap the top one really tight just so I can walk around in them. I look a bit unkempt, but at least my toes look good. 

This year, I found new sandals on sale. They have a bit of chunky heel so I am still looking for the perfect sandal with sticky velcro so that I can let my toes breathe and walk around in comfort for an extended period of time!

Here is this year’s edition of Patriotic Toes and Happy 4th of July, everyone! 

The Toes Have It

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  1. Too bad about the red shoes, I really like them!

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