Gift Giving For Busy People

I’m going to give you something for free. There are some conditions:

  • Cash it in by Friday of this week!
  • Have a Kindle, because the book is on Amazon!
  • When you purchase it, spread the word, to increase awareness of this wonderful offer and save people from unneeded stress. So, if you are on Facebook, you put the link on your page, put it on your blog, etc.

Easy enough, right?  Back in college, I had an appointment that I HAD to attend, despite the fact that there was an ice storm of the century. I waited in the frozen rain for a good hour for my cab to show up.  Some cabs showed up, but not mine.  Panic stuck and frozen beyond words, I called my friend, Deanne, and pleaded with her to pick me up.  Sure, there was no power and the roads were slick as ice but I truly had no way to get back to campus!

Time passed and a silver car came into view in between the stingy ice pellets that were smacking my face. It was Deanne!  I was so thrilled and the drive back was harrowing beyond belief but a true friend will drive on ice, in the dark, to help another friend out. I have never forgotten that incredibly kind gesture.

Here we are, years later, and  Deanne Marie has written a book, Gift Giving for Busy People, and it’s free until Friday! Anyone who has struggled with gift giving will enjoy this book. Even if you thought you were a pro, is there any reason to stop you from taking advantage of a free book?!  So, please, don’t put this off and when you download it, please promote the link to give other people the opportunity to gain some complimentary gift giving knowledge, as well!

Hey, consider it my gift to you…


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