You Nailed It

I’m not sure what I heard as it wasn’t in English but I believe it went something like this.  The person who is doing your pedicure, and has done so, for years with a very nice and consistent tip, is speaking in her language with her co-pedicure doers.  She is pointing at you. She is laughing. Now the tittering becomes a chorus, almost like the “wave” in the stadium as each pedicure lady giggles and stares at me.

If I could flip my middle toe a certain way, I would take a picture right now. Cheers to you!

It’s like being in grade school again, although the only difference is you expect kids to be brats, you don’t expect people you PAY to be jerks.

I realized that my face was sweating because there was no air conditioning and they had these two little fans going as a very unsuccessful diversion. The best part was that my mom was sitting next to me, baffled.

It wasn’t enough that the nail trimming professional had already dunked the cuticle trimmer in the whirlpool and thought it was funny.  She also thought it was no big deal when the first time she did my nails, she ripped my cuticle.

I also love when you see her in front of the store, yapping on her phone, and she pretends she doesn’t know you.  Your nails are being done by someone else in her salon, and she doesn’t know you.

You know when you look into someone’s eyes and see cruel thoughts oozing out of the brain. That’s how this person portrays herself.

My mom was getting pampered in the next chair and got to stay in the massage chair to let her nails dry. She banished me to the uncomfortable nail drying station, BEHIND THE FANS, and didn’t even bother to bring my shoes. There were two other empty stations, I could have stayed there.

Earlier this season, a couple came in after me to get their nails done and they received treats while I was ignored. That was another one of the mocking nail coloring professionals who only pays attention to me when she is doing my nails. I’m sure there is a nice person who works there, but she is too good to do my nails, apparently.

I’m done being nice to local businesses who take me for granted. I”m sorry that you were offended that I prefer the amusing company of my 6-year-old niece to do my manicure, versus the cold and obnoxious presence known as YOU.

I will never go back there. My mom will never go back there.  Trust me, there are plenty of other nail joints in town that will be happy to treat me with respect and take my money.

You nailed it, jerk.


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  1. AMEN! Been there, done that, not doing it again either…I am with you 100%. They don’t seem to understand that being a bitch is a universal language and words really do not need to be spoken in order for someone to know you indeed are one.

  2. I just hope they NOTICE that you no longer come there. Perhaps if enough people (and I am sure they do that with others) stop patronizing their joint, they will understand. Then again…maybe not! I stopped going to hairdressers that don’t listen (how can you think a half inch is 3 inches?), restaurants that ignore you or businesses that fawn over other customers letting you stand there until all their favorites are taken care of. I, too, am a good tipper and there are places I am treated very well. I continue to go there.

  3. Aaaargh ! This made me angry…. had an encounter too with a very rude stewardess on British Airways….. Mom reported her to the airline company. People like that pedicurist shouldn’t get away with rudeness.

  4. That’s disappointing and really surprising. I’ve heard comments like this before, and I can’t believe that people would think that kind of behavior would be acceptable to customers!

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