No, You Didn’t!

Do you follow color charts? Have you researched why you migrate towards one color over others? Each color has symbolism. When you overwhelm yourself with too much of one color, there can be negative consequences. That’s what the experts say! It’s possible that if you read about the subject, you might be seduced and start to believe some of it.

For me, I don’t believe that they make up for deficits, I just think that blue, green, and purple are complimentary for me and my particular coloring.

My niece LOVES pink. For the first 6 years of her life, she refused to wear anything that wasn’t pink. I saw her wearing a blue shirt and yellow shorts, a couple of days ago, and I was really impressed.  She looked great, of course, but what a major leap from her comfort zone! Pretty impressive for an almost 7-year-old!

At any rate, there was a sale in town today and I was drawn to a certain pair of walking sandals.  They spoke to me, if you will.

The size 9 shoes: “Lauren, don’t get too attached, I”m a size 9, you’ll look like Goofy with me on your feet, move along.”

I sighed and looked at the rack with the 8 1/2 sized shoes which were pretty much gone. Then I thought to myself, wait, I wear an 8!

The size 8 shoes: “PSSSST, I’m down here! I’m your size and your color and am 20% off the sale price!  Try me on, please!”

I tried on the right shoe and it felt great. The shoe man went to find the left one and came back puzzled.  It seemed that the mate had walked off. He took my right shoe to see if he get work things out with the left shoe and I patiently waited for him to come back.  Alas, he had both of the shoes!  Someone, had put the mate in the wrong shoe box.

purple pair paradise!

You can imagine my delight to have comfortable walking shoes in PURPLE. They are Merrell Barefoot shoes and I am so happy to have them.  Given my color preferences, I shouldn’t have a difficult time finding things to match the shoes….

Have you ever bought something and afterwards people said to you, “No, you didn’t” and were dripping in sarcasm since it was such an obvious fit?!


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  1. Wear them well…they look great!

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