Sometimes Being Nice Can Bite You!

This past Monday was Chatty Starbucks‘ birthday. She is a good friend of mine who is very good at making people feel special on their big day.

I noticed a couple of boys on her team had completely failed to acknowledge her special day and subtly (HA!) pointed it out to them while the Birthday Girl was out buying herself some Starbucks coffee and chatting on her phone…thus her name, but I digress.

So, promptly, the boys reveal their weak, yet, very humorous attempts at being thoughtful. Tweedle Goof takes post it notes from his manager’s desk and sloppily wrote on two different notes, “Happy Birthday”.  Thrilled with himself, he placed the two notes on the top of her monitor.

Meanwhile, Tweedle Silly rips off a big piece of paper from those big tablets that one uses to train people on and tapes it on top of his manager’s door so she would hit it as she walked in. The punch line is that he wrote nothing on it! Use your imagination, huh? Okay, maybe he wrote something but it was so small you couldn’t see it!

As the two Tweedlers are bumbling in the background, I take over her computer and changed the screen saver on her computer to read, “Happy Birthday, Chatty Starbucks! We didn’t forget!” I put on the finishing touches as I hear Tweedle Silly declare that Chatty has just pulled up  in the parking lot,, sipping her coffee, and chatting on her phone.

Chatty walks in and squeals with delight, “What is this?!”  I have never seen someone so thrilled with a blank piece of paper hanging from the ceiling, but she was.  She laughed really hard when she saw the screen saver.

Moments later, I hear my name being yelled, “LAUREN, FIX MY COMPUTER, IT’S FREAKING OUT!”

Horrified, I realized that my thoughtful gesture may have made her computer combust. Seriously?

Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to restore her machine as if nothing happened. She was a great sport and wasn’t even concerned as I tinkered with her machine.  Like I said, sometimes being nice can bite you!

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  1. It may have been easier to buy her a cupcake but it sure looks like you saved her day!

  2. I love reading your “stories” they are such fun

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