Tourist in my Own Town #2

This past weekend, my aunt was in town with her besties and allowed me, my mom, and uncle to crash the party on Saturday.  My mom is a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation so she gave us all an impromptu tour that began at the Chicago Cultural Center. 

I had a photo war with one of my auntie’s besties which was fun. To my defense, I was only using my phone!

Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Glass Dome

Apparently, this Tiffany dome is the largest in the world and was restored in 2008. It’s quite spectacular.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at The Berghoff, a pretty famous staple, as far as German restaurants go, in downtown Chicago. I was giddy to be able to have a fabulous chicken salad with sliced avocado on it! It was unexpected and delightful! My only confusion was caused by all of the pretzel art in the window and displayed throughout the restaurant.  Why did they serve us an assortment of bread without any pretzels?!! You have to get a sandwich to get the pretzel, but I digress.

After lunch we were going to squeeze into Millennium Park to try to get a view of the air and water show. However, one of the besties suggested that we go to the 16th floor of the Trump Tower in an effort to catch a view of the Blue Angels for the terrace/bar appropriately referred to as the Terrace at  Trump.

What a great idea!  I had never been there before. The planes zoomed about us as they weaved through the buildings and climbed toward the sky and cascaded down. After several attempts of trying to get the planes captured on film, I finally succeeded. 

They flew so close to us that we could see the writing on the plane!

The view took our breath away as did the price of one of their fancy martinis that had a bunch of ingredients in it that I didn’t recognize. It was $55.00!!  Needless to say, I opted for an inexpensive $12.00 beer that I did NOT like so the waitress kindly brought me a different one which was very impressive customer service.

I’ll leave you with me gazing at the Blue Angels and the peaceful view.  Another great adventure being a tourist in my own town. Yet another bestie took this shot and sent it to my aunt.  How cool to see the back of my head, I don’t get to see it much!

As I Gaze, I Give Praise to Chicago!


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  1. discovery is awesome! glad you got to do it.

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