The Apple of My Eye

Back in April I wrote about how giddy I was that I had won a massive gift card at work. You may laugh, but I don’t think massive is an overstatement.  This week, I finally put it to use. The card has been sitting on my night table for the last four months.  I put off spending it because I was waiting for Mountain Lion to come out and then the summer slipped away.

I finally marched into the Apple Store on Monday and bought my new Mac Book Pro as my current Mac Book was over 5 years old and needed to take a break.

When I walked in, the very kind sales person read off my goodie list and I presented him with my rewards card as I crossed my fingers that it would go through. Success!  Then I giggled like a school kid at the realization that my out-of-pocket expense for my new laptop was $65.44! The giddiness and appreciation spread all over me like a warm comforting hug on a very cold day. I felt like it was my birthday and all of the good holidays wrapped in one!

I am incredibly impressed with the customer service that the Apple ensemble showed me during my two-day visit.  On Monday, when I bought it, I was told that the data migration process might take until Wednesday. He was wrong. It was Monday night!

However, I did not go to pick it up until the next night.  My sales person, Jeff, from the day before spotted me as I walked in and immediately got my new toy for me.

He then made the mistake of asking me if I had any questions.  Oh brother, did he really just ask that?  He spent the next hour watching over me, in between sales calls, to make sure I did everything correctly and felt comfortable leaving the store. Like, I said, I was REALLY impressed. As he talked me down and I piled up my collection of goodies, I thanked Jeff profusely.

Besides having the joy of being confident that I have made a great investment of $65.44 for this very smart laptop, a.ka. the “Apple of my eye” and  a knowledgeable support staff, I have something that has no monetary value.

Every time I use this laptop, I will think of the sales reps on my team who worked so hard to win this incentive, the sales managers who cracked the whip to push them to victory and our team leader, who made sure I was included in the first place.  Giddy, giddy, giddy!


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  1. Good to hear. It’s so hard to find good customer service these days. I especially love toys that are a bargain!

  2. awesome gift card ! A Mac ! ! ( at least not a combo meal at McDonald’s lol )

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