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Peekaboo Moon: The Garden After Dark

Last night, I took a “class”with my mom called “The Garden After Dark” at the Chicago Botanic Garden, taught by Julie Siegel of J. Siegel Designs. Julie, the creation of a  photographer and painter, developed a strong appreciation for art and passion for plants which was the perfect recipe for her to blossom into a landscape design authority.

The first twenty minutes was a power point presentation. We were reminded about how our other senses kick into overdrive when one of them is diminished.  So, the smell of the garden increases as does the power of touch and hearing. Clearly I was in the class, as in most cases, to provide comic relief.  Read the rest of this entry

My Brother’s Date with Emmy

I have been changed forever.  This is the build up to the monumental moment.

Monday. I got home at 5:30, stoked to do some grocery shopping. I reach for my purse in my car and it’s not there.  It’s at work.  That evening’s commute was four hours. I know, you are thinking, silly girl, just leave the purse at work.  Well, I had no money , no means to get money and no food.  Thus, the much-anticipated trip to the grocery store – thwarted…but I digress.

Tuesday, I remembered my purse but  as I was celebrating that victory, I managed to smash my left hand in the car door when I closed it.  Luckily my brain told me before I completely shut the door.  Ouch.

Saturday night, my dad had some people over for a little get together. It was kind of “a My son is at the Emmy’s tonight and wouldn’t it be cool if he wins so maybe we should have a party because it’s my birthday, too” type of thing.

Throughout the evening, we received photos of my brother and his wife on the red carpet. They both looked perfectly styled and very attractive just like the stars you see walking down the red carpet. It was surreal that I knew these people!

He was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program, Wizards of Waverly Place.  He and his writing partner, wrote the episode. That seems redundant, doesn’t it? At any rate, he was nominated last year but was edged out by another show.

9:25pm, I received a text from my sister-in-law, Read the rest of this entry

Wicket Karma

As a child, I had the opportunity to spend many summers playing croquet with my cousins at Grandma and Grandpa’s place in rural  Minnesota. My cousins lived much closer to my maternal grandparents so they had more bonding time with the croquet court and it showed in the quality of their play as they yawned and blazed by me on the course.  My brother would have to speak for himself on how he played, but I can state with authority that I always seemed to “get into the swing of things” just as the game was ending.  I didn’t care, it was just a wonderful way to spend a summer day with my family.

Cousin Croquet – notice that I am about to whack the ball but the focus is on my cousin, Ryce!

Read the rest of this entry

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