My Brother’s Date with Emmy

I have been changed forever.  This is the build up to the monumental moment.

Monday. I got home at 5:30, stoked to do some grocery shopping. I reach for my purse in my car and it’s not there.  It’s at work.  That evening’s commute was four hours. I know, you are thinking, silly girl, just leave the purse at work.  Well, I had no money , no means to get money and no food.  Thus, the much-anticipated trip to the grocery store – thwarted…but I digress.

Tuesday, I remembered my purse but  as I was celebrating that victory, I managed to smash my left hand in the car door when I closed it.  Luckily my brain told me before I completely shut the door.  Ouch.

Saturday night, my dad had some people over for a little get together. It was kind of “a My son is at the Emmy’s tonight and wouldn’t it be cool if he wins so maybe we should have a party because it’s my birthday, too” type of thing.

Throughout the evening, we received photos of my brother and his wife on the red carpet. They both looked perfectly styled and very attractive just like the stars you see walking down the red carpet. It was surreal that I knew these people!

He was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program, Wizards of Waverly Place.  He and his writing partner, wrote the episode. That seems redundant, doesn’t it? At any rate, he was nominated last year but was edged out by another show.

9:25pm, I received a text from my sister-in-law, “He won!!!!!!!!” I may not be using the appropriate number of exclamation points, there may have been more! (Sides note, he is the guy with the glasses in the middle).

I screamed out, “Dad!”

He looked at me alarmed and I finished my thought, “He won!”

He sprung out of his chair and started spreading the word to all of the guests. Applause erupted and giddy giggles took over the house!  It hit us all that an Emmy winner grew up in this very house!!

9:28pm, I get another text from my sister-in-law. “Don’t tell your dad, he wants to.”  Oops. Just kidding.  She knew I would be their PR machine. Thank goodness!

My brother called from the press room, understandably ecstatic.  We both just laughed, as I handed off the phone to our giddy dad.

Early Sunday morning, I started my public relations extravaganza.  Facebook photo was prominently placed, email blasts, and a texting tizzy ensued. I informed his former fifth grade teacher, former classmates, current and former principals. I’m still dizzy.

I have a mini shrine in my cube at work and wouldn’t answer any questions until each visitor said the magic phrase – Emmy Winner’s Sister. I haven’t changed my headline on Linkedin to “Emmy Winner’s Sister” yet, but I’m sure thinking about it!

In my spare time, I checked the web and found tons of photos and blurbs about this extraordinary achievement. While I write this, I am still searching. The beauty of multi-tasking and multiple windows, but I digress. Oh wait, here’s a clip of him in the press room!  Cool! He is moving and holding the Emmy!

I was stoked when he started writing for that show called, “Friends” many years ago. In fact, I was in Mexico on a company trip when I was sharing my brother’s latest success, when I looked up at the TV and saw my brother accepting an award on the People’s Choice Awards!  Serendipity in action!

However, this Emmy win is a zillion times more exhilarating! I have to go now and call my brother, surely he will take my call!

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  1. Congrats to him! I’m curious about a few things 1) his name, since writing for TV is what I want to get into I actually pay attention to the opening credits and remember a lot of the names 2) does he have Selena Gomez’s phone number 3) does he know if Selena Gomez is into guys like me 4) more things about Selena Gomez and her posse

    No one in my family has ever won anything fantastic. My sister found an onion ring in her french fries once. That’s close enough to a win.

  2. Ok, I’m actually going with I read the blog of an Emmy winners’s sister. Oh, yes I am. Congrats to him and your family, that is certainly something to celebrate. I do remember that episode with Joey & the Porsche…well done. If t weren’t for the writers, there would be no show!

  3. Sounds like a very exciting night!

  4. That is so very very cool, and equally cool is your family’s pride. Great post!

  5. OH, MY Goodness ! Congratulations ! ! ! *toots horn * Bragging rights, bragging rights ! !

    Um, can I have some of that glitter, please? he he

  6. That’s exciting! Cute post 🙂

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