Stepping It Up

I’m going to climb 2,109 steps/103 floors of the Willis Tower in Chicago on November 4, 2012! Many people still think of the building as the Sears Tower, but I digress. After I’m done, and before I collapse, I am going to step out on the glass ledge and check out the scenery 1,353 feet from the ground.  On a good day, you can see four states!

These pumpkin socks are covering the feet that are going to climb 2,109 stairs!

When I told my dad that I was going to take on this challenge, his response was, “Why?”  I saw that a Facebook friend was doing it and I was so jealous!

The event is for charity. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the nation’s number one Rehab Hospital! But, I’m also doing it because I think it’s really cool to accomplish a feat such as this one!  I like stairs!

Side note about events for charity. When I was a kid, there was a readathon for Multiple Sclerosis. I remember I would walk over to my neighbors and they would pledge to pay me per book I read in a certain amount of time. At the end of my reading frenzy, I would go back to the pledgers and say, “Pay up, you owe me some money!”

Years later, I am hitting my friends up again and I find myself relieved to say that the contributor does not have to pledge per step!  Can you imagine 2,109 steps? Here’s a penny, kid.  Good luck!  Now, I just make a personal page and send the link. People donate on-line and it’s really easy!

As you can see from the above photo, (scroll back up, I digressed, sorry) I need shoes. Many might say that I need socks, too.  So I bought some cross-trainers for this very event.

In the spring, summer, and fall, you will find me spending several hours riding my bike throughout the forest preserves in my area. I also do elliptical work and even have an exercise bike in my bedroom. The exercise bike, by the way, is used for exercise as opposed to hanging clothing on it. So my legs are used to getting a working out.  The biggest challenge has been finding buildings with a bunch of stairs so I can get used to climbing that many in a row.

I’ve got this step in my living room but I need more than one to mimic climbing the Tower…

I took on a parking garage earlier this week and did 1,240 (620 up and down).  Not sore.  I took on a different parking garage the next night and did 1,330 (665 up and down). The next night I was going to take it off but I was hooked. So threw on my workout attire and walked briskly to the garage and did 2660 (1,330 up and 1,330 down). Still, not sore.

Finally, yesterday, I was able to go to a genuine skyrise built in 1888.  It has 16 floors and almost 300 steep stairs. I ended up doing over 3,200. Alas, this morning I was sore! These stair workouts are tough but I like them.  I was going to take today off but then my mom’s friends emailed me and said she had some stairs for me to climb at a very new sky rise close to me.  So, I did 2,400 more.  I think. I lost count of my sets. I hate that!

At any rate, I’m stepping it up. I have a month more to magically make these gams climb up the Tower! It’s a nice distraction. I’ve already booked my massage for the 5th.

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  1. awesome. good luck!

  2. Not only are you helping a cause, you are going to have the hottest legs in Chicago! Best of luck and Keep On Stepping!

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