Reindeer Cookies – Cookie Karma

Last year, my spirited colleague, Aimless, coerced me into participating in the cookie exchange at work.

For a review as to what happened last year, take a moment to relive the excitement cookie exchange chaos.  I still think my Candy Cane Brownies were pretty good, given they came from me. But, then again, I didn’t really have much contact with them since my friends at work kind of took over while I sipped some wine and ate some chips with guacamole, but I digress.

This year, I didn’t even attempt to thwart Aimless‘ efforts about the cookie exchange and smartly told her I would make a reindeer cookie, not having a clue if I even could or what one would look like.

If you search the web, there are tons of reindeer cookie variations but my two main inspirations were  BakerGirl.  and  Sugarfoot Eats. Thanks to both of them for giving me the motivation to give this creation a try.

You can really use any cookie as a base such as: sugar, gingerbread, or how about a snickerdoodle? YUM!  But, I thought that peanut butter seemed like the wisest combination with the chocolate. My cookie recipe is from – super easy recipe that is catered to someone like me.

The abbreviated version is I took the peanut butter which is really fun to get out of the jar, mind you, and married it with the sugar.  Yours truly doesn’t have a mixer and my mom stopped using one years ago, so I mixed all of this stuff by hand.  A little crazy, huh? Well, it ended up working out fine but I do admit I got frustrated when I was mixing the peanut butter and sugar and then had to get the wet ingredients in there just right with just a wooden spoon!  Beating the eggs was pretty entertaining, too.

The decorations require a few ingredients and you have to be organized when the cookies break out of the oven.  You also have to be clairvoyant. For example, you have to “know” how many chocolate chips are in the bag because there is no indication of quantity, ANYWHERE!

  • Keebler fudge covered pretzels  They are the perfect size to use as antlers. You may find other chocolate covered pretzels but they may be too heavy to stay on the pretzel.
  • Milk chocolate chips.  These will be the eyes, flip them over when you put them in.
  • For the finishing touch, I use the mini M & M’s in red and green. I found a small tube at Walgreens. It worked out perfectly.

Place the decorations into separate bowls in assembly line fashion.  As soon as the cookies are baked, take advantage of the mushy consistency and put those antlers on.  Push those pretzels in, so the chocolate melts a little and adheres.  Next, take the flipped over chocolate chips and pop them into the two eye sockets. Finally, take the mini M & M and press it in so the reindeer can have a nose. My mom helped put on the decorations which really helped. When you are done, allow them to cool which allows the chocolate to harden after it has adhered to the cookie.

Each reindeer has its own personality!

Each reindeer has its own personality!

Today was the big event. The first thing I did when I got to the office was call my old friend,  Funny Bone aka Cookie Monster and get him to taste a couple to make sure they passed quality control. He gave me the thumbs up and my confidence soared as I took my heavy tin to the break room to present them to the exchange committee of 25.

This year, Aimless stepped it up on the decor by putting festive wrapping paper on the doors to the break room with a big bow on each one!

During the exchange, we all lined up and walked around each plate of cookies and tossed them in our trays and you could hear various gasps as people spotted a next treat. We even had a completed recipe book so this event definitely had it all going on!

amazing selection of treats!

Amazing selection of treats!

Later in the afternoon, I was walking down the hall and hear a loud gasp with thoughts that uttered something like this,  “OMG, this cookie is good”! It was Aimless, she had just tasted one of my Reindeer Cookies. On top of that, the cookies didn’t even fall on the floor as I drove him today!  Cookie Karma has bit me!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. That spread looks amazing! And your cookies are adorable!

  2. Oh, my, gosh ! Such a delight to look at ! Yummy !

  3. Wowzers looks like a load of tasty food!
    It’s been a long time. how the heck are ya? I’m just starting to get back to things. 🙂 merry Christmas!


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