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We’re Not Idiots…

I received a cartoon from a friend earlier today. It had a bunch of pictures of people being distracted by a smart phone while various activities occurred around them. The quote from Albert Einstein is… Read the rest of this entry

The Eyes Have It

Breaking up is hard to do. In November 2010, I started a rocky relationship but flat-out fell in love. When we were together, I felt more confident, my eyes seemed bluer, and we took many bike rides together.  Not to mention the awesome photos we took. Oh, the memories, the two of us shared.  

We spent lots of time at the gym. When we took walks together outside, the world got darker so I wouldn’t have to squint.  We went to our high school reunion together and some adjustments needed to be made since he tended to get bent out of shape, frequently.  No relationship is perfect, right?

 I played the field. Read the rest of this entry

2012 Movie Recap

For the last few years during the cold or unpleasant weather, I walk over to my movie theatre and treat myself to the first matinée. One of my mom’s friends says he saw 56 movies last year and can probably list the day and time with the appropriate title. When I look back to the movies I saw in 2012, they are in a few categories: Read the rest of this entry

Mint Melt You Away

To the Rein Rant N’ Rave Nation, thank you for your amazing encouragement regarding my last post. I intend to write about some of the antics that have been going on but I am making a slight diversion as some people have been asking me for the latest recipe of a cookie I made. I know, that’s crazy.  Who would think that this baker extraordinaire, who uses her oven as storage, can bake a yummy cookie.

Last month, I was dragged, kicking and screaming, Read the rest of this entry

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