We’re Not Idiots…

I received a cartoon from a friend earlier today. It had a bunch of pictures of people being distracted by a smart phone while various activities occurred around them. The quote from Albert Einstein is…

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

People are addicted to their smart phones. This is true.  In fact, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to refresh our personal browsers as to how I have written about this concept before! Think of ONE person who has a smart phone who doesn’t impulsively bring it out, even at the most inappropriate times.

For example, I have been in public bathrooms, more than once, where I will hear my neighbor talking on a cell phone!  Hello, I have stage fright as it is.  I don’t need your chit-chat mate contributing to my stream stoppage. So, tell me, how do you use the facility while you have one hand holding the phone?! Is that phone frequently sanitized?

I also don’t appreciate you taking your phone out when the lights are out…at the movie theatre.  Do you really need to check Facebook now? Is social media that intoxicating, well, yes. My favorite is when some ne’er do well actually answered the phone and then said, “I’m in a movie. What, I can’t hear you, I’m in a movie. Speak up!”  Come on! Seriously?…but I digress.

My mom worries about my safety and encourages me to hide the phone while I walk outside and I agree with her. So, it was funny when some guy was asking for directions and my mom chirped, “Lauren, check the address on your phone!”  My mom, by the way, does not have a cell phone. She still relies on the kindness of other people when she needs to make a call.  I consider  my phone an insurance policy and wish she had one so I knew she was safe.  But I digress…

Don’t text and drive.  That’s not a joke. Too many people are distracted behind the wheel.  Keep an eye on the road.  The phone can wait.

The phone is addicting and I completely understand why people have to check it ALL OF THE TIME.  If I had three hands, I would be checking it right now and I don’t even know what the phone sounds like when it rings,  but you will never see me talking on the phone while sitting on a porcelain seat…I promise you.

The funny thing is that I wouldn’t have even written a post tonight. But my phone not lit up telling me that me someone had written on my Facebook wall. It was an old friend and character here on the blog, asking about the blog!

While I don’t think we are idiots, I do think the more we have these portals to communicate, the harder it is to have an actual conversation.

Ironic, huh?

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  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. A month or so ago I read a woman’s blog who stopped using Facebook or any other social media site for 30 days, some sort of “digital cleanse”. She said she literally had to put her phone in another room to prevent herself from compulsively checking it. This was for the first week or so, and she made a statement that really stuck with me.

    “Checking my phone has become one of those mindless, repetitive habits that we do without even thinking about it. Just because I dont’ see something change in 10 minutes doesn’t mean I’m going to miss the fact that it happened”. Or something along those lines. She was absolutely right.

    We went to lunch yesterday and were surrounded by high school students (school got cancelled due to windchills of -30 or lower), all of whom were staring down at their phones while they sat at the tables with eachother. At this point, I can’t help wonder “why share a table at all?”

    Thanks for posting this up, totally valid and a good way to think this morning 🙂

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