Glitter Heart

Dear Voracious Readers:

I wrote you approximately 356 days ago to share with you my thoughts on Valentine’s Day. 

“I ripped open the envelope and felt a whoosh of air with substance  as I screamed.  Little stars and balloons made of glitter confetti sprayed out of the envelope and floated into the air!  The colorful confetti was all over my white sweater and black pants and it was awesome!

Laughing, I turned over my keyboard and tapped it as confetti spilled out of  it!  All of the papers in the envelope had glitter suction cupped to it and I had to remove every spec from each paper. Annoying for some, perhaps, but I thought it was hysterical. As I picked up the various confetti, I dropped it onto my desk calendar…what better home could it have? ” 

For complete transcript as I know you are riveted and I certainly don’t blame you, please read A Valentine Prank.

Believe it or not, I held on to that confetti all year, trapped in my day planner. We laughed about how the Fed Ex guy was ticked because the envelope wasn’t completely sealed so the confetti leaked through a small hole across the country, as it made its way to me.  Each day, it seemed, a little twinkling star would reveal itself on the floor, at home or at the office.  I kept some in the Fed Ex envelope, too.

When my office closed down, last summer, I kept my stash in my calendar and packed it in a moving box. I took the remains and sent it to Strawberry Smoothie because I couldn’t throw it out.

As January of this year rolled on, I had to start using a new day planner.  So I took my coveted confetti and put it on my desk and various shapes would transform as the days passed.

The remnants of last year's Valentine's Day Prank - morphed into a glitter heart

The remnants of last year’s Valentine’s Day Prank – morphed into a glitter heart

The next day, I came to work and my glitter confetti was gone from my desk!  I truly felt a void. I promptly corresponded with Strawberry Smoothie and had a heart to heart talk to remind him that VALENTINE SEASON was fast approaching and coincidentally my confetti had just been stolen…by the cleaning crew!

Fast forward to yesterday when I receive a substantial Fed Ex package from the Smoothie. It is taped shut! Immediately, I am on guard as I see a red shape twinkling at me at the top of the envelope. I get my scissors and wrestle with the tape for a couple of minutes, it is married to that envelope! I”m a heartbeat away from opening this thing, I could tell.

I step in closer to my desk to get leverage.  I pull of the rip cord, if you will, and the piece of cardboard detached from the envelope.  My contents were trapped inside, heart-broken, waiting to engage me. Finally, I finesse it and the envelope opens and out comes a spray of big and little red hearts dancing in the air and falling, gracefully and appropriately, onto my desk day planner!

The trail of hearts danced in the air before landing on their new home.

The trail of hearts danced in the air before landing on their new home.

The little hearts stuck to my hands and each time I removed one, another five would cling to me as if to say, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I may not have "love" this Valentine season, but I certainly do have hearts!

I may not have “love” this Valentine season, but I certainly do have hearts!

Sure, I could say:

My hear’s a flutter
It’s melting like butter

I can hardly utter
and am starting to stutter
as I look at all of this heart clutter!

But I shant

I am thankful for the wonderful whimsical moment this witty wisecracker provided me.  Dare I say, giddy with gratitude?!  When I left work last night, needless to say,  I hid my hearts (all of them) to save them from the… crew!

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  1. Nice way of celebrating…so full of joy & smiles 🙂

  2. I love the full circle story. This smoothie is a witty fella or fella-lady. what is lady for fella?
    anyway. great hearts!

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