Somebody Else Will Step Up

It’s so easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “They don’t need me, somebody else will step up.”

These thoughts occurred to me when last weekend a good friend of mine, Buttons, went with me to a venue to see one of my oldest childhood chums play in his band.  

I kept putting my buddy off and would say that I’d see him when his band lands a closer venue.  However, recently, he accompanied me to see some of my other friends perform, just to keep me company so I wouldn’t have to go alone.  Finally, the reality sunk in that I would have to trek out to the outer burbs to show my support for my chums’ band. It’s pretty lame not to make the effort, isn’t it?

The venue was amusing. The stage was in the dining room and the bar was to the right of the stage and the dance floor was the size of…YOUR dining room table, but people were having a GREAT time. Those people dancing were really in the moment and yes, the postage stamp dance floor was full! The female lead singer strolled through the bar, engaging the audience as she serenaded.  And, it was Ladies’ Night…say no more. 

The male lead singer loves his music and always had a smile on his face. As each song ended, I would utter a loud “WOO HOO” like you would hear on the Soul Train show, back in the day. People looked at me and I reminded them that a band was playing. 

I sprang off my bar seat to attempt to get some photos of my drummer compadre. I think drummers get cut off in many photos because of where they sit, albeit unintentionally. So, my mission was to break through the front line to get the drum-stick holder some well deserved exposure. I had to squat below the booths, and hope I wasn’t annoying people and nobody complained.  

In fact, one person grabbed me off the floor and took my photo in front of the band – which was nice, but dare I say, a little awkward?! Thankfully, I got my phone back, too.  A major bonus, otherwise I wouldn’t have the photo, right? 

The flash sparked the lighting causing an unexpected spotlight effect.

No, that’s not ring around the collar. The flash sparked the lighting causing an unexpected spotlight effect.

Another amusing moment was when I almost got body slammed taking one of the photos. Such enthusiasm!  The band set a very fun vibe, represented the motown/soul/rock era with authenticity and was really good.  They deserve to perform closer to the lake.

Their music can reach dancing-challenged individuals and transform them into a soulful state of mind. As each song began, the lyrics would unconsciously stream out of me like I was a freshly charged mp3 player. Buttons couldn’t believe I knew songs from way back when. I’m sure my lyrics were “creative” or my interpretation of what the lyrics should be. 

Anyway, the point of this little story is that my return on exertion was worth the effort. I didn’t EXPECT someone else to step up or do it tomorrow, I knew I had to do it now. This sentimentality can be applied not to just friendships. 

Punch out the procrastination. Accept the accountability that YOU have something to offer these moments. Make time to participate and make events happen that won’t unless YOU are a part of it.  You have that power to make something positive happen simply by being present and showing your support.


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  1. You are a good friend and it sounds like you were rewarded with good music!

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