Do You Like Me?

Riveted Readers!

Exciting news! My last post about my amusing attempt  of portraying a band booster that inspired such wonderful hits (yet to be written) as:

  • You’re Pretty Good, Will You Please Be My Ringtone On My Phone? 
  • Get Your Groove on the Postage Stamp-Sized Dance Floor WOOOOOOO
  • Unintentional Body Slamming Guaranteed
  • Check Out That  Guy Dancing at the Bar  and the sequel, I Wouldn’t Want to Dance With Him But He’s Fun to Watch!
  • Move It, You’re Blocking the Drummer!

propelled me into triple digits for subscriptions. YAY!  As Sally Field said in her Oscar Speech, many years ago, YOU LIKE ME!

For many bloggers, it  may be child’s play, but since I can’t even strong-arm most of the people I know into reading a post, let alone subscribing, it’s a big deal! So, thanks to all of the people in my life who inspire my antics and cause blog posts to unfold and to the people who actually click on one of my posts, be it because their cat accidentally danced on the keyboard or your child has a keen sense of attraction to amusement at a young age. Thanks for stepping it up.

But, I digress. I am working on a few volunteer projects to create social media awareness.  I find that I constantly run into a hurdle when I ask people to like one of the pages. I don’t think it’s because he/she doesn’t want to. Right?   The status or link asking for the “LIKE” gets liked instead of the page! I know it can be confusing.

One day, I spelled it out and wrote: “When you go to the page, please hit LIKE in the upper right corner just below the car in the cover photo of the circle drive in front of the school! That way you like the page, not just the link. Thank you very much!”  

It worked! I was shocked. We had over 100 likes in a few days. Does anyone else run into this situation on Facebook?! I don’t mind spelling it out and I know people are busy and certainly appreciate the support. But, once the page is liked, it makes marketing the cause so much easier!

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  1. Congrats! I found that spelling it out, as insane as it may seem, actually works.

  2. Thanks, Life! I agree, spelling it out is the only way because people are busy and you need to make it easy!

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