Audience Appeal

I was introduced to a Seth MacFarlane show, “Family Guy”, by an ex-boyfriend. At first, I was completely repulsed by the show and questioned why I was seeing a guy who appreciated this questionable brand of humor.  But I was magically transfixed. Despite the flagrant irreverence evident in the show, I learned to enjoy the humor.  It was definitely an acquired taste.

When I found out that Seth MacFarlane was hosting the Oscars, I wondered how someone as “edgy” as he is could successfully reach the entire Oscar audience. The range in diversity is huge and his true following represents just a snippet of the people watching.  Someone is going to get offended.

How does one prepare to host a show like that? Shouldn’t the focus be joking on the movies, versus on the people?

Do they test the jokes on a diverse crowd to determine if they are suitable for the show? Do they take into account that kids are watching, early on, and hold back on some of the more questionable material, or do they not use it at all?

How can anyone win hosting a show like that? Our expectations are ridiculous. Imagine investing five months on a project and thinking you will be well received, only to be smacked around like MacFarlane has been.  Obviously if he can dish it out, he we can handle the heat but it seems unfair.

The format of the show seemed a little off, though. The presenters didn’t seem comfortable. In fact, I don’t think ANYONE was comfortable. There were very few memorable acceptance speeches because they had no time. Having the orchestra off-site so that the actors were closer to the stage was supposed to quicken the parade up to accept the statue.  It didn’t and it took away from the quintessential vision of the Oscars, that being a live show.

At any rate, I was amused more than I wasn’t. Then again, I was prepared because I have been exposed to the humor before and I am one of those people saying that MacFarlane was being tame. I appreciated his singing voice, and his announcement segments right before each commercial were borderline intoxicating, for me.

Perhaps he is more effective at voice-over work because he doesn’t have to face anyone while he’s making the jokes. There is no direct accountability.  At the Oscars, he was right in the line of fire of everyone and had to face his own “Jaws”-themed music as he softy tap danced off the stage.

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  1. That spotlight is a lose lose situation in twitter, where people want to be negative, but a win-win for the career because how many people actually get to do that? Almost none

  2. Your blog is awesome and I have nominated you for a liebster award. Check out what you need to do to accept here 🙂

  3. Of all the blogs on the web, you had to step into mine?! Thanks for the shout out and congratulations on your award. I have to admit, at first I really did think it was just…a mean joke!

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