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Promotion in Motion Commotion

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to travel back to a childhood-like state of innocence and color some eggs at a friend’s house. Given my lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks, it may not be too surprising that my creativity was clogged.

I’m not an artist so you won’t find any pretty drawings on any eggs that I concoct.  My “artwork” is all about words.  Words that have been trapped for a while. Finally, I stopped over thinking and the words flew out of me.  Thank goodness.

It was a like a free-write session on eggs.  Kind of cool. I think my fellow egg designers were a bit baffled by my artistic expression, but I had a good time and it was almost therapeutic.

Elizabeth Andrew said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

I’ve been investing much of my free time in Read the rest of this entry

Two Years of Laughter and Tears

My blog turns two next week!  I certainly haven’t ranted as much as I could. In fact, the one time I did, my mom said, “That wasn’t very nice.”  I reminded her what a rant was and also thought, “Were you not there in the house when I was growing up?”  But, I digress.

I have to say that I never thought I would be THAT blogger who can gain traffic when someone types, “Dental Floss Flicking“, “Baby Door Hanger“, “Lavender Tie with Blue Shirt“, or “Squirrels in My Pants 2005” – but for people who do, their dreams are fulfilled by connecting with some post written by me.

Here are snippets from three of my favorite posts.  You should probably click on the links to read the whole thing, because they may seem out of context. But maybe you expect to be confused after you leave here. Is it just me, or are you hearing Kenny Rogers sing, “Through The Years” right now?!

For reasons I don’t understand, one of my most popular posts is Read the rest of this entry

Saving Daylight

I was a little thrown off last weekend because one of my friends sent me an email saying it was time to lose an hour.  Fortunately, I totally forgot what she had said and didn’t do it.  I went to work and about two hours into the day, I screamed to my neighbor…”Was I late?!”

Fast forward, or should I say “spring forward” to last night/this morning. I still get confused between spring back/fall forward – whatever. Thankfully, my electronic gadgets tell me what time it is.

There I am, staring at my cell phone at 1:59am, glazing over email word play while telling my sinus head attack to go from where it came.

I said, this is the year, I am going to see my hour get taken right in front of me.  I realize this can probably happen if I drive through the state of Indiana but this way is much more convenient and safer than staring at my phone while driving.

In an instant, Read the rest of this entry

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