Saving Daylight

I was a little thrown off last weekend because one of my friends sent me an email saying it was time to lose an hour.  Fortunately, I totally forgot what she had said and didn’t do it.  I went to work and about two hours into the day, I screamed to my neighbor…”Was I late?!”

Fast forward, or should I say “spring forward” to last night/this morning. I still get confused between spring back/fall forward – whatever. Thankfully, my electronic gadgets tell me what time it is.

There I am, staring at my cell phone at 1:59am, glazing over email word play while telling my sinus head attack to go from where it came.

I said, this is the year, I am going to see my hour get taken right in front of me.  I realize this can probably happen if I drive through the state of Indiana but this way is much more convenient and safer than staring at my phone while driving.

In an instant, my dual clock on my cell phone screen jumps from 1:59am to 3:00am. I marveled, not at the thought of having an hour disappear in front of me, but at the promise of what the symbolic entrance of spring can bring – minus the allergy/sinus attacks, of course.

Satisfying bike rides to the garden, not to mention my walks in the garden, where my awe of the transformation of flowers is reborn. Tantrums on the tennis courts because I seem to have misplaced my forehand.  The very delight of being outside having to squint from the brightness and warmth of the sun  – sounds pretty wonderful.

Then I put on my Elvis eye mask and sprang into sleep.

Sleep, Don't Be Cruel!

Sleep, Don’t Be Cruel…

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