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Miniature Golf Magic

This past month (the Month of Lauren) I was treated to an impromptu miniature golf game with an impressive father and son duo.  

It’s been many years since I’ve played that favorite birthday activity from my childhood, so I thought I was going to be put to shame. 

It started off with me thinking that the colorful orbs in the machines up front by the golf clubs were big gum balls. I believe I had bubble gum on the brain since the son was chewing it in large quantities.  

They were the golf balls. The duo had golf balls in hand, one of which was purple.  Wait a second, that’s my color!  The dad handed me the purple treasure and picked a new colored ball for himself.  PINK!

The dad tried to convince me that I should use the toddler-sized golf club as a subtle attack on my lack of height.  If he didn’t do that every time I saw him, I would be really worried. I give him credit for being creative in how he delivers the “message”.

Move on over to the kid section, Lauren!

Move on over to the kid section, Lauren!

We paused for a moment as I looked confused because I couldn’t find the final hole in the maze of faux green grass.  The duo looked at each other completely stunned Read the rest of this entry

Insanity Workout – 7 Weeks Later


You may recall that I started the Insanity workout on April 1. Believe it or not, the program is absolutely addicting and rewarding.

For the most part, I have been very committed to this program since I began.  I am still in the first month cycle because I have been out-of-town a couple of times and want to get every little morsel of reward out of the first month before I sojourn into month two which will be intense. I believe you do jumps on your head and other crazy moves. Then again, if you asked me in March if I would be able to do a power jack (essentially a horizontal jumping jack with a push up on the floor) – I would have just laughed.

During both of my trips, I did abbreviated versions of the workout. I even had an eight year old pleading with me to teach her some of the moves. She was really into it. It was cute, during the warm up, she asked when it was time for a water break.


This workout allowed me to get new clothing in a smaller size.  You know, the size I had in college.  Within three weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my arms. The toning is incredible! Giddy! Giddy! Giddy!

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The Likable Kid

Since college graduations are happening all over the country, it makes me think of my college days and how I used to free-write poetry (that is random flow of thoughts with horrific punctuation) to help me remember certain moments such as my first day as a disc jockey.  When I listen to old air check tapes, I can’t help but laugh. It’s as if I was Howard Stern when he started out with his high voice and then learned to lower it into his trademark sound. 

My passion for radio continued and morphed into a morning drive-time radio show during my senior year with one of my best friends. It was a blast and definitely a highlight of college.  As an alternative radio station, we would scour the record library to find a ridiculous title such as Old Skull’s riveting “Hot Dog Hell” which I can’t believe I just found on You Tube!!  The first time we played it, we just looked at each other in awe that these young nine and ten-year-old whippersnappers had not only formed a band, but made a record with inarticulate screaming. How can you not be intrigued by a title such as that one?!

I’ll never forget the delight of Read the rest of this entry

It’s Mommy Time

This weekend, many Facebook profile and cover photos are composed of mothers, be it a flashback or a recent photo. This is done, obviously, as an homage to Mother’s Day.  That’s one of the pros of Facebook.

I’m fortunate that I get to hang out with my mom frequently.  Here are some things that everyone loves about my mom, including me.

  •  She has voluminous hair and she passed that on to me. When I was younger, I used to call her mane “Bozo hair” and she hated that.  It wasn’t THAT red but it was full of curls and actually quite pretty. When she grew her “natural” hair color out, to the bedevilment of our hair stylist, I commented that it looked like an “upside-down banana split”.  She also didn’t like that too much, either.
  •  She is a committed pen pal. In college, she used to send me cards for every imaginative holiday, just so I would get mail.  To this day, I get many emails from her daily.
  •  While in college, I had to go to this fancy dance and hand no clue what dress to buy.  I received a green and purple formal dress in the mail a few days later – which fit perfectly and looked amazing. Seriously, I know WHY she did that. But HOW did she do that?
  •  She has a delightful and entertaining circle of friends – my “aunties”.  We always find a reason to celebrate something and have a wonderful time.
  • She’s an awesome cook and ALWAYS has a ripe avocado in the kitchen when I come to visit so I can make some guacamole. You can hear the comforting sounds of the mixing utensil in a glass as she makes me an awesome Mojito.
  •  She friends everyone.  She can strike up a conversation with the most unapproachable people and make them smile.
  • I’m her favorite daughter. She is my favorite mother.
  •  She is a Read the rest of this entry

The Month of Lauren

Imagine having a month dedicated just to you. Our expectations are way too low. This one day nonsense for your birthday isn’t enough. Each year we have more things we want to do and run out of time.  So it only makes sense that this homage to ourselves get expanded.  In my case, the month formerly known as May is Lauren.  Today is Lauren the 5th.

I actually explained this concept to my lifelong friend’s 12-year-old son in March. He embraced it and to this day reminds his dad that  we have now entered the Month of Lauren. That’s a sweet kid.

My parents were very thoughtful planning my arrival into the world.  Read the rest of this entry

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