The Month of Lauren

Imagine having a month dedicated just to you. Our expectations are way too low. This one day nonsense for your birthday isn’t enough. Each year we have more things we want to do and run out of time.  So it only makes sense that this homage to ourselves get expanded.  In my case, the month formerly known as May is Lauren.  Today is Lauren the 5th.

I actually explained this concept to my lifelong friend’s 12-year-old son in March. He embraced it and to this day reminds his dad that  we have now entered the Month of Lauren. That’s a sweet kid.

My parents were very thoughtful planning my arrival into the world. 

You want to squeeze my arms, don't you?

You want to squeeze my arms, don’t you?

May, I mean Lauren, is a wonderful time of year. It represents transition, dreams, and the gateway to outdoor life for us folks who don’t get warm weather all year-long.

How does one partake in the Celebration of the Month of Lauren? I know there is lots of pressure, especially since five days have already passed. Here are some sure-fire hits to be successful:

  1. Make me laugh.  As an improvisation graduate, it’s nice to have the pressure taken off when someone else is funny, too.
  2. Play miniature golf with me as a tribute to all of my teen years when I played with my family. They had no choice.
  3. Wear blue, green, or purple in my presence. One year I put this on the work calendar and it took me awhile but I finally realized that my office looked like a police precinct! My wall is still covered with all these photos of my colleagues wearing blue shirts.
  4. Have avocados near by.  Last year, my work mate surprised with me a massive serving of homemade guacamole presented in a big purple bag. I was floored!
  5. Take a walk …at the same time…at the same place as I am.
  6. Attempt to engage me in a rally on the tennis court.  My current playmate is my 5-year-old nephew who is “wicked pisser” – that’s a shout out to the Boston peeps. Really, my nephew’s got game, one would hope I still do, too.
  7. Blow up the tires on my bicycle. For real. If you want a good laugh, watch me in my laundry room as I attempt to do this every week in the summer. The first step is to realize that I have a Presta valve and not the Schrader valve.
  8. Have a glass of Sangria and think of me. Or better yet, give me some, too.
  9. If you think I need a drink of water, get me a bottle of Sparkling Spring Water from Trader Joe’s. I was just there and did an impressive calf stretch to reach the top shelf.  You could save me the trouble.
  10. Go to a movie with me and PLEASE make sure I stay awake. What is it about the movie theatre seat that makes it so easy to take a nap? I was watching Iron Man 3 yesterday.  At one point, despite the delight of being in Robert Downey Jr’s company. I nodded off. I don’t get it!  I wanted to see him, really!

Who are we kidding? My friends do these things for me all year-long and it’s awesome.  I’ve learned that the true gifts are not wrapped in packages or bows but they are full of thought and time spent with people you appreciate.

So, seriously, you have 26 days not to screw this up.  Enjoy the Month of Lauren, I’m here for you!

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  1. Happy Birthday,! When is it exactly? Anyway, here’s to you…. CHEERS !

  2. Cheers to you for embracing this wonderful idea and sharing it with all of us! Enjoy every minute. What will my co-workers say today when I start using Lauren 6, 2013 (I’ll let you know…hehehehe)

  3. Love it, Life. That’s awesome! 🙂

  4. You are so lucky! I was born in January….ummm…the month of Kate (after December) which is bitter cold here. No one wants to celebrate with me. I will toast your birthday for the entire month!

    • That’s the spirit! If you have fun, I’ll have fun, too! I used to try a Birthday week, but,it was just too short. You need to give people time to pay homage to you and not have them realize they are actually doing it 😉

  5. Isn’t it odd enough we share the exact same birthday, in the same office? And now you expect me to share the whole month??? Forget it!

  6. Oh dear, I don’t think our twins are getting along on this issue! 😉

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