It’s Mommy Time

This weekend, many Facebook profile and cover photos are composed of mothers, be it a flashback or a recent photo. This is done, obviously, as an homage to Mother’s Day.  That’s one of the pros of Facebook.

I’m fortunate that I get to hang out with my mom frequently.  Here are some things that everyone loves about my mom, including me.

  •  She has voluminous hair and she passed that on to me. When I was younger, I used to call her mane “Bozo hair” and she hated that.  It wasn’t THAT red but it was full of curls and actually quite pretty. When she grew her “natural” hair color out, to the bedevilment of our hair stylist, I commented that it looked like an “upside-down banana split”.  She also didn’t like that too much, either.
  •  She is a committed pen pal. In college, she used to send me cards for every imaginative holiday, just so I would get mail.  To this day, I get many emails from her daily.
  •  While in college, I had to go to this fancy dance and hand no clue what dress to buy.  I received a green and purple formal dress in the mail a few days later – which fit perfectly and looked amazing. Seriously, I know WHY she did that. But HOW did she do that?
  •  She has a delightful and entertaining circle of friends – my “aunties”.  We always find a reason to celebrate something and have a wonderful time.
  • She’s an awesome cook and ALWAYS has a ripe avocado in the kitchen when I come to visit so I can make some guacamole. You can hear the comforting sounds of the mixing utensil in a glass as she makes me an awesome Mojito.
  •  She friends everyone.  She can strike up a conversation with the most unapproachable people and make them smile.
  • I’m her favorite daughter. She is my favorite mother.
  •  She is a gifted artist, writer, editor and architectural tour guide. I continually learn things from her.
  •  On occasion, I have lost her on public transportation. She doesn’t have a cell phone and refuses to get one.  So, I walk through the train cars to find her.
  •  She hangs out with me very often, as I said, but always gives me an out if I accidentally double book or get asked to do something else at the last-minute.

As you may have deduced, she’s very generous and stands in as “mom” if yours isn’t available. We’re all very lucky to have her around!  Happy Mother’s Day!

That's some great hair!

That’s some great hair!

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  1. That’s a great picture, Laurente. Thank you for all your perceptive comments. I love you….!


  2. Fabulous post!


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