Insanity Workout – 7 Weeks Later


You may recall that I started the Insanity workout on April 1. Believe it or not, the program is absolutely addicting and rewarding.

For the most part, I have been very committed to this program since I began.  I am still in the first month cycle because I have been out-of-town a couple of times and want to get every little morsel of reward out of the first month before I sojourn into month two which will be intense. I believe you do jumps on your head and other crazy moves. Then again, if you asked me in March if I would be able to do a power jack (essentially a horizontal jumping jack with a push up on the floor) – I would have just laughed.

During both of my trips, I did abbreviated versions of the workout. I even had an eight year old pleading with me to teach her some of the moves. She was really into it. It was cute, during the warm up, she asked when it was time for a water break.


This workout allowed me to get new clothing in a smaller size.  You know, the size I had in college.  Within three weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my arms. The toning is incredible! Giddy! Giddy! Giddy!


Shaun T. watches the clock so I don’t have to. I am at the point where I have memorized the routines. So I just take off my glasses and get to work. I have to take my glasses off, otherwise they would slip off from the ridiculous amount of sweating that occurs.

I know all of the people in the workouts now, too. “Don’t stretch your legs too wide, JOSH!”

I bought the Insanity Jump Mat from Amazon. I know, I am a sucker. I’m sure I could have gotten it for less somewhere else but I really feel a difference in my workouts because I am not inhibited when I do the jump moves now. My neighbor still probably hates me though.  Does he even still live there?  I don’t hear a broom smacking my ceiling, so far.


The stretching, alone, is outstanding. The focus on the breathing in all of the workouts is something I never really paid attention to until now and I am no stranger to working out.  My flexibility is at a higher level and I just thought certain people aren’t flexible. That’s not true.

If I have a particular ache during the day, I do the workout and my ache is usually gone during the stretching phase.

I must also say that in the beginning I was EXHAUSTED. Every night after the workout, I would take a shower and want to collapse. A few weeks into it, I caved and bought a recovery formula for women. It’s supposed to take way the fatigue in the muscles…and thank goodness, it did!

The 45 minutes in the workout fly by and in the past, it would be so easy to talk myself out of riding the bike for an hour but with this workout, I’m practically running up the stairs to get changed so I can get going. This workout plan, is like a good friend, it brings me back in balance every time. It’s stress relief.  It’s therapeutic.  On the weekends, I do the Insanity workout and ride the bike and take a walk.


I’m going to keep doing it until I can’t.  This program agrees with me and I have to reiterate that I wouldn’t have even known about it if I hadn’t seen a friend on Facebook talk about it because I never saw ANY of the infomercials. So, I am giddy with gratitude to Nikki and Facebook!

Onward and upward!

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  1. Very impressed…You should post results. =)

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