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When Rejection Turns to Affection

Last month, I was inspired to make good on creating a photo wall that has eluded me for well over a decade.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually procrastinate and am usually considered the proactive planner.  However, it took me that long to get all of my participants in order to see which ones would populate the wall. My brother named this space the “Museum of Lauren.”

During this creative process, I decided to rearrange my framed art that was sporadically hidden in various places throughout my place or due to poor placement, they were camouflaged on any given wall.

I unveiled a gem that was prominently placed in my kitchen, that has since been moved (by special messenger – me) to the “Museum”.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Why am I drawn to a painting of myself and a dog, you ask?   Read the rest of this entry

Dr. Dad

Seconds after birth, I was introduced to an older man with dark hair, blue eyes, lamb chop sideburns, and he talked with his hands. He would become the only person on earth who could get away with calling me Laurie instead of Lauren.

When I was a pre-teen, he and my mom would play tennis every Sunday afternoon and I would tag along. They had compatible games so it was fun to watch them interact on the court. For the last part of their session, he would always let me rally with them. In the summers, he had me ride 12  miles, round trip, to and from tennis camp so I could play tennis for three hours. All of this was critical in my development as a tennis player and ensured that I made the competitive tennis team in high school. My brother never had that bonding opportunity and I always appreciated that.

He would play handball in front of the house with me and my older brother and never tire. He would challenge our minds with all sorts of trivia questions that make us popular Read the rest of this entry

If Cars Could Talk

Distracted drivers are at an all-time high. You know what I mean. We are stressed out or maybe even happy. We have places to go. People are texting or emailing us or putting a new photo on Facebook. We have lists in our head of everything that needs to get done. Temptation is all around us. It seems that people behind the wheel think that there is always something more pressing than focusing on the road. I have an idea to right this wrong.

Change the sound of horns in cars to a collection of riveting melodies called the Honk-Off Collection.

You are at a light and someone just honked at you.  You are flummoxed and your first inclination is to be rude and honk back.  Your second inclination is that if you did do something wrong, you want to say you’re sorry and you want to know what you did.  With a simple click,  you can reply to the initial honk.

The honks can get more intense (but not jarring like the current honk sounds) and the streets would become a delightful symphony of cryptic communication – giving new meaning to NOISE POLLUTION. The car is so smart it can translate what the honk is and the dashboard would display it like caller id does now. There would be such comforting and educational honk tones as: Read the rest of this entry

We Made It Up

Years ago, I dreamt of being on Saturday Night Live. The playful Gilda Radner riveted me with her physical comedy, facial gestures, goofy voices, and friendly characters. She was an older version of myself. I thought having Lauren as the funny girl and Lorne Michaels as the producer would make a wonderful and memorable pairing. Read the rest of this entry

Why Won’t You Take My Money?

Have you ever gone to a place of business when you have a gift card, but it’s not for the dollar amount you need so you want to pay with the gift card and cash or another credit card?  Let me just clarify, whenever anyone gives me any type of gift, I am always thrilled. We all should be.

I was faced with this situation the other day.  I realized the transaction was going to be annoying to the checker-outer person (and unintentionally the people behind me) but I was going to give it a try.

I said, “Okay, please put $25 on this one and $25 on this one and the remainder on this one. BUT you can’t go over $25 on the first two cards because I’ll get a fee.”  She looked at me like a deer in headlights. Uh oh. I explained once again. See above quote but say it a little slower.

Read the rest of this entry

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