What Did You Say??

I’m sitting on the el on my way home from a refreshing trip.

I can’t help but notice that everyone is engrossed in his/her phone!! On the plane, people were crawling out of their skin waiting for the chance to hook up with wi-fi. I was at a gymnastics class for children last week. I saw a mom bonding with her huge cell phone AND laptop. I was at a restaurant and a couple who looked like they were on a date (with each other) and each of them were riveted in…their phones.

We have lost our ability (and perhaps desire) to verbally speak with one another.
Am I the only one who misses these conversations?

We have  email and texting banter and web surfing and Facebook.

FB turns 10 next year.  Does FB bring us closer or push us apart? I wrote about this issue in the Social Networking & Technology: Bringing Us Together or Pushing Us Apart  post – a couple of years ago.  Surprisingly, my views on it haven’t changed much. 

For some, FB is a random flow of thoughts, perhaps a form of therapy. Much like a blog can be. For others, it’s a voyeur’s dream. I still love it and hate it. As an event planner, it is a necessary evil because of the marketing monster that it has become as I manage a few pages on there. I’ve also lured some blog readership through FB, too. I’m invited to events that I would never be aware of, if I weren’t on FB.

Friends, This is just between us, right?!

Friends, This is just between us, right?!

I need Facebook and it’s like having a really high maintenance friend! Being a member requires constant monitoring of updating the privacy settings because FB is always changing. This high maintenance friend might chit-chat about you. It’s as if to say, “Don’t tell anyone! Okay, you can, but only if you are nice about it!” 

The tools (via technology) are there to bring us together but it encourages lazy communication, distraction from arguably more important issues, and requires patience and common sense.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I will not upgrade my phone to a smartphone. Oh, I’ve thought about it, but I refuse. I know me. I would be glued to the dang thing. And I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be that accessible; I don’t want to be that distracted.

    I won’t be hypocritical and say I don’t use the tools that are out there, but we can’t throw what’s really happening in FRONT of us out the window in the process.

  2. Amen! My 24 year old nephew disabled his FB recently and my sister said “Oh Ty you must feel like you lost a limb” his response “Actually, I feel like I gained 10.” so there you are….you are not alone.

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