My Purse Gets More Attention Than I Do

I’ve had an on and off again love affair with coffee and caffeine. I fee like a cool kid walking around town with my cup, like everyone else, and it does seem to perk me up.  The downside is that I don’t care for the taste and it’s an expensive habit. I know I could buy some mediocre coffee and sweeten it up and survive.  When I do things, I am all in. I don’t want instant coffee.

I started drinking caffeine again in May – during the “Month of Lauren”. I think I had just come back from a trip and realized I needed a pick-me-up and the addiction kicked in again. Sometimes I do the green tea which is better because the caffeine release is gradual. When I had my first sip of coffee, I felt like I was drunk. I was texting my thoughts really quickly in “Laureinsm” speak such as, “YAYAYAYAYAY”!

In June, I was out west to visit my brother and his family, I had fancy espresso every morning.  I’d hear the whirl of the machine (that I used to hate) and come running for my morning fix. The pretty milk frother was a wonderful touch. I added fat-free milk and a little cinnamon. I don’t do vanilla, caramel or mocha – because adding all of that calories and fat is counterproductive.  But I digress.

Look at the pretty swirl in this homemade concoction - made for merely pennies compared to a cup at the local coffee shop.

Look at the pretty swirl in this homemade concoction – made for merely pennies compared to a cup at the local coffee shop.

Enter that purse, that object that gets more attention than I do. Years ago, my dachshund purse was given to me by sister-in-law! It’s the perfect size for the summer, so I started using it. I take it to the coffee shop and set it on the table (it stands by itself) and have instant conversations. I was at an art fair this weekend and all of the vendors loved it, except for purse makers. Imagine that?! But I digress, once again.

Love your purse, you must love dogs!

Love your purse, you must love dogs!

Let us take our focus away from the attention stealer and deal with my situation. My dilemma is do I invest in that delightful little machine that my brother’s family has and be dignified in my drinking and eventually save money because it’s about 65 cents a serving compared to the $4.00 I put down at a certain coffee place?  Or do I just suck it up (or in this case, slurp it up) and collect my stars and enjoy my status as a gold member?

Surely this is just a phase and I will get off the caffeine again, right?! What do I do?!

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  1. Buy the cappuccino maker and do homemade ! ! ( we’re buying too! soon)

  2. If I drink coffee, I turn into a howler monkey. Not even decaf.

  3. I have never had the urge to drink coffee every day. I like the occasional white mocha, but to have it be a daily routine has never occurred to me. I’d go broke. Instead, I get my caffeine from my chocolate milk. Delicious, and can serve as a somewhat decent recovery drink.

    And yes…Grown men drink chocolate milk. Why give up a good thing?

  4. I have the machine and still frequent the coffee shop (like every day) because it’s the routine or the social aspect that I also crave. the machine is good for those evening urges.

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