The Success Connection

This morning I was challenged to look at all of my posts and hone in on the top five to determine a common pattern that enables me to connect with my readers.

Understand, I don’t consider a post successful based on the number of views it receives or the number of  “likes” or comments.  I base it purely on whether people acknowledge that I wrote it and it reached them in someway. I’ll never forget one reader who said she felt like she was right there as I told the story. Moments like those keep me writing.

5. SEO part 1. If you look up donkey beer like many people do, you’ll be treated to this playful post about my experience with a dunk tank.  Nobody liked the post, perse, but it’s popular because people like donkey beer.

4. Facebook. Relatability. Real Life. Anyone with glasses can relate to the ongoing task of trying to get one’s glasses uncrooked.  People also like looking at a 4 year old girl with glasses. It’s a sentimental favorite of mine, for sure, because I KNOW people laugh when they see this post and I’m laughing with them.

3. The nostalgia angle. I went to camp as a child and tried to get a reunion going a couple of years ago – people still look up that camp and  find me here versus the actual camp blog, a virtual memory chest. As an added bonus, people get to have a childhood flashback about the old art of writing letters on camp stationery.

2. Trick the readers! I did a review on a salad with avocado but the name of the post suggested I was referring to an intense romance! SNAP! A riveting read, nonetheless, that leaves you craving a salad with avocado.

1. SEO and a little help from family and friends.  The mostviewed post is from last fall when I climbed 2109 stairs up the Willis Tower.  This was a wonderful snapshot in time because my inner circle of  family and friends came together to support me emotionally and contribute to the charity. My thank you note was the blog post and it reached many readers who looked up Willis Tower Skyrise, as well. 

Some posts are instant connections and some are statistical flops but I have learned to not pay attention to the stats and just listen to the people I reach instead.  




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  1. What happens if you receive no views? And it reaches nobody?

    Dun dun dun!

    • Facetious Titillator – that would be really depressing! Fortunately, my writing always has an impact (usually positive) on me! 🙂 It has gotten me out of many a misunderstanding!

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